Thursday, June 30, 2011

Found Cheap Enchanted Leather? Try Shifting Cloaks

Epic Shifting Cloak

Shifting Cloak

Pattern Removed
Back before The Shattering prior to Cataclysm, there was a goblin named Knot Thimblejack that was held captive in the Dire Maul North instance.  Once you freed Knot, you could open Knot Thimblejack's Cache and loot the crafting supplies contained inside.  On rare occasion you could find rare and epic Vanilla WoW crafting patterns, like the epic craftable pattern for Shifting Cloak.  Knot's Cache has been removed from the game and the epic patterns that only dropped from the Cache are all now unobtainable

Materials Changed
After The Shattering, the world was in such a new state that many of the old materials required for crafting the epic Shifting Cloak were also effected.  Guardian Stones, which used to be required in the Shifting Cloak recipe, dropped from a mob that was removed from the World of Warcraft.  Shifting Cloak used to also require multiple Skin of Shadow, which was a Bind on Pick-Up crafting material.  Scholomance saw a drastic level requirement change in Cataclysm and Skin of Shadows has now been completely removed from all crafting recipes, thus making it a completely obsolete item for crafting.

So the required materials for crafting a Shifting Cloak have been changed to only require 1 Rune Thread and 10 Enchanted Leather, which leaves us plenty of room for profit.  The removal of the bound crafting material also makes this a much easier item to produce in larger quantities as farming for Skin of Shadow is no longer required.

Enchanted Leather

Enchanted Leather is made from 1 Rugged Leather and 1 Lesser Eternal Essence.  You may think to yourself, "Why would anyone waste Eternal Essences on Enchanted Leather?"  Players leveling their Enchanting profession often craft 10 or more of these as they are easy skill points while grinding up Enchanting.  These enchanters have no real use for these Enchanted Leathers and the Enchanted Leather can often be found dumped on the auction house for much less than the cost to craft them.

Looking at The Undermine Journal shows that Enchanted Leather is sold for ridiculously low prices on most World of Warcraft servers.  The ability to snatch up cheap Enchanted Leather from the auction house makes the Shifting Cloak an option for your Leatherworker, if you are lucky enough to have this now unobtainable pattern.

While Shifting Cloak is quickly replaced when questing in Outlands, it will still sell because players love their purple epics.  There may not even be any of the Outlands cloaks on the auction house and the Shifting Cloak is a great option for leveling or twinking rogues, hunters, and druids.  Depending on how cheap you are able to obtain your Enchanted Leather, you may be able to offer a much more competitive price when compared to the highly priced Outlands cloaks.


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  1. But does anyone actually want this? Surely TBC greens are way better??

  2. You can purchase enchanted leather from one of the darkmoon vendors who sells em cheap but in limited supply. They seem to restock fairly quickly and since the faire is right near Thunder Bluff or Stormwind where most of you gold seekers spend half your time anyway, it's a 30second flight so it's no sweat to check often. The vendor also sells other limited stock, old school trade-goods like herbs which sell for tons too so make sure to buy those and toss em in the AH with absurd buyouts. People need that stuff, sure they could go farm em themselves, but rich people, I find will usually just pay your insane price rather than spend 20mins travelling to some obscure yeti cave just to farm a couple ghost mushrooms. "Time is money friend".


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