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Best Uses For Your Free Warcraft Account

Free WoW Accounts For Veterans
Blizzard Awards Free Warcraft Accounts

This week Blizzard has been sending out emails awarding veteran players with a free World of Warcraft account code.  These were sent via email to your Blizzard Battlenet linked mail address.  In order to qualify, you had to check the box [ ] "I would like to receive special promtions and offers" in your Battlenet account.

There have been many inquiries to Blizzard and around the World of Warcraft community trying to decipher whether these emails were legit WoW account codes from Blizzard or were just another batch of nice looking phishing scams.  I myself actually deleted my code thinking to myself, "Damn!  These phishing emails are getting much nice looking."  It turns out that these are legit emails and legit Free World of Warcraft Account Codes as Alto has already posted.  Blizzard has also stated that they are happy that many players were skeptical and warning others that these emails might be phishing scams, but they are legitimate.  So no worries about getting your account hacked.

So the free Warcraft accounts from Blizzard are legit, but now what?

Is It A Trial Account?
Blizzard has given these free accounts out to us veterans, but what all is included in this free WoW account? This is a full version account, not a trial account. That's a big plus.
World of Warcraft Classic Trial Account Restrictions
  •  A level cap of 20.
  • A maximum of 10 gold.
  • Trade skills are capped at 100 ranks.
  • Inability to trade via the auction house, mailbox, or player-to-player.
  • In-Game public chat channels will be unavailable. (Players will still be able to communicate using say, party, or whispers).
  • Characters will be unable to create or join existing guilds.
  • Accounts will no longer be able to whisper other players unless they have been added to those players' friends lists or have received a whisper from them first.
  • Characters will not be able to invite players into a party.
  • Characters will not be able to join parties with other players above level 20.
  • Voice Chat is disabled on trial accounts.
  • Realms with login queues will give priority to customers with retail accounts.
  • Will not be eligible for any Character Transfer service.
  • RealID features are disabled on trial accounts.
So there is a huge difference between a trial account and a full version WoW account.  These free account codes are for full classic World of Warcraft accounts, which increases the value of this account for an established player.

Best Uses For Your Free WoW Account

Blizzard has given these free accounts out to us veterans, but what all is included in this free WoW account? This is a full version account, not a trial account. That's a big plus.

What Blizzard Wants
Blizzard may appear to be being generous in giving away free full access accounts to veterans, disguising it as a reward for veteran players.  Yeah right!  A full classic account with 30 days included game time only runs about $10 almost anywhere and often can be purchased for $5.  Blizzard really isn't giving us as much as you may first think.  This free account gives you a free 30 days of game time, but then what?  You guessed it.  You have to pay for a monthly subscription or purchase 60-day WoW game time cards to keep it going.  Blizzard wants us to give this account code to a friend to entice them to get hooked like the rest of us, so they can increase their subscriber numbers (which have dropped this last quarter).  This is a pretty good marketing strategy in my opinion.

What Goblins Should Do
Another option for the free World of Warcraft full version game account is to utilize it for yourself.  Ever thought of getting into cross faction trading on your server?  Well now is the time to give it a shot!

This free 30 days of a second account is all the safety you need to get your own cross faction trading business going.  On your main account you can create a character that belongs to the other faction and then make a character on the new account of that same opposing faction.  With the 2 characters on 2 seperate accounts you can multi-box and transfer items to the othr faction via the neutral auction house.  With 2 accounts you can post and immediately buy with a very minimal risk of someone sniping your auctions.  Need gold to get you started on the other side?  Mail your main account cross faction trader some Satchels of Exotic Mysteries with the gold and items left inside.

With a second account for 30 days, you can safely take advantage of the other factions markets, which can lead to some big price savings if materials are less costly on the enemy auction house.  You also can take advantage of the price variations on faction craftables and get started moving Lamps and Lanterns across factions.  You can make an absolute killing moving and selling companion pets and faction specific recipes to the other faction.

I am going to petition Blizzard to get my free WoW account code email resent so I can take advantage of this opportunity.  I never do any cross faction trading because I don't want to purchase a second account.  This offer gives me 30 days to stock up and get my Horde guild banks stocked full of Alliance goodies to move throught the year and beyond.

As a Horde only player, with a second 30 day alliance account, I would use this offer to fully stock a Horde guild bank with tons of alliance only recipes and pets - Argent Tournament Pets, Lamps / Lanterns, Kittens, Moths, etc.  Another great use is to do the quick Alliance quest for the Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin recipe over and over on multiple Alliance lowbies just for the pattern to transfer back to the Horde side, where it goes for hundreds of gold. 

This free WoW account offer is a great opportunity to get involved in whol new ways to make gold on your server via the other factions auction house.

Anyone got another creative use for this WoW account?

PS:  You could also use this account to knock out some of those old unfinished PvP achievements if you get creative and can turbo-level a character on the new account.


  1. Good thing I fuzzed out the code, the very image didn't get blurred, so I am thinking one of the folks on my Feed got the original pic.

    Someone got a freebie! =)

  2. Unfortunately, the restricting factors you've posted yourself will keep you from using the second account to trade across factions. The trial account cannot use the auction house and is limited to a maximum of 10g.

  3. Guess you skimmed the article without reading it, as I plainly said the account is a FULL Account, and NOT a TRIAL account within the article.

  4. Just a warning that even though it was not a phish I am sure the scammers will try to exploit the situation by sending out identical looking scams.

  5. So is everyone getting this or just a random thing? I received a similar looking email but it said it was a seven day trial. Suppose this is a scam

  6. In order to qualify, your account had to be a certain age AND you had to check the offer box to receive occasional spam from Blizzard.

    Yeah. Watch out for scams that will be using similar backgrounds, headers, etc. Never log into your battlenet account from an email.

  7. I think what a lot of people are overlooking here is that you can create a free trial via recruit a friend (RAF). Then upgrade the trial to a full version. This will allow you to level 1 maybe 2 characters with the recruit a friend bonuses meaning hey ya need a new character to pick up a profession you don't have, no problem! Semi-related, blizz upped RAF benefits to level 80, so if you or your friend buys BC and Wrath, these bonuses can get you to 80!

    TLDR: RAF benefits FTW!


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