Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mammoth Mining Bags - Reader Submission


I've lurked on your site for a while and I've noticed that you're always very active in the gold blog community. You have my thanks.

I play on a pretty low population faction on my server so I may be in a unique situation but I doubt it. I'm currently killing the Mammoth Mining Bag market. The reasons are obvious, farming ore is a big business in Cat and players want to store as much it as they can on their farming runs. I'm discovering that I've got very little competition on this market and my bags are selling for around 400g. Even on my low pop faction they are selling very quickly. It takes 48 borean leather to make one (8 heavy borean). The leather is slowly rising in price because it's just in shorter supply but it's a perfect candidate for your snatch list because the current margin on the MMB is huge.

So why is the MMB so limited on the AH? The answer is, that it's a lot less common for a new Leatherworker. The reason it's less common is because you need to be honored with Sons of Hordir. That in itself isn't a super difficult task but you do have to complete the 23 part quest chain at (see comments there for details) . The subtle reason this isn't more common is that because of the experience increase in wotlk, you don't really hit this content while leveling. That entire area is a ghost town in Storm Peaks, you're just leveling too fast. You go straight to the ice crown area and the bigger payoff quests there. Besides, the quest chain for Sons of Hordir is kind of a pain. If you remember, part of it includes flying your butt alllllll the way up that extremely high mountain peak to talk to the giant Thorim several times. You have to put in the hard time to get this recipe and in Cataclysm this bag is still the largest mining bag. They released new bags for everything else it seems, but not mining.

I also think a lot of LW switched professions in Cat (that wanted to make money).

Thanks for the sumbission Plink.  I have been selling a few of these myself.  They were really a great common commodity to craft and sell early into Cataclysm when there were tons of miners.  Great that you are still seeing sales as I am too.  I touched on this slightly in a previous Relics of Hodir discussion.
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  1. I've been selling a pair of these daily for 150g each, they're really a great money maker for LW. The same thing goes for traveler's trapping pack, the LW profession bag from WotLK. Almost as consistent but just as great profits.

  2. I am not a leatherworker, but as a tailor, bags have always been great steady sellers for me. As far as mining bags go, another bag that has been a really good steady seller is the Mining Sack, a purchaseable bag from several vendors for 10g. It is only a 20 slot mining bag, but it has always brought in a continuous steady stream of gold with very little effort and has a great return at 30-40g each.

  3. I've been selling a few of these a week steadily for a pretty big profit since Cata came out. It's one of the few things I'm able to use my LW for right now.

  4. Agree. I have been selling 2 - 4 of these daily for 150 -300g. As Stokpile mentioned, the LW bags sell well too. Not quite as good as these, but 1 - 2 per day for 150g+. Great for me as I stockpiled tons of HBL and have been slowly using it for bags, arctic fur and leg patches.


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