Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cataclysm Gas Clouds and Electrostatic Condenser

Where are the Gas Clouds in Cataclysm?

There are none!  The Zappthrottle Mote Extractor that is used by Engineers to gather motes in Outland and crystalized elements fron Northrend gas clouds is useless within the World of Warcraft Cataclysm zones.  Why?  There are no gas clouds in Cataclysm zones.  Maybe they will be added later or maybe not.

Electrostatic Condenser

New to Cataclysm Engineers is the Electrostatic Condenser.  This gadget allows engineers that also have a gathering profession to occasionally collect extra Volatile Air from Cataclysm mineral veins, skinnable corpses, and herbalism plantlife.  This new gadget is worthless to any engineer that has another crafting profession as it only benefits gathering professions.  Luckily, my main is an Engineer / Miner.  I would not recommend changing professions just to benefit from the procs of the Electrostatic Condensor.  Think of it more as an added bonus for gathering Engineers.  If you are a Engineer / Miner, Engineer / Skinner, or Engineer / Herbalist be sure to either buy one, have one crafted, or craft it yourself before anything else.  This will allow you to instantly reap the benefits of occasional extra Volatile Airs.


  1. Talking about Volatile Air, as of the last PTR notes, Engineers will need a lot less of it than now... They'll need less than half the amount they need today. I made a post about this and the other incoming changes for engineers, you can find it here:

  2. do you have to equip it to work or is it a automatic thing?

  3. You need the Zappthrottle Mote Extrator form gas clouds in Burning Crusade and Wrath zones, while you need the Electrostatic Condensor to get the extra Volatile Airs from Cata mining veins. You must be both a miner and and Engineer for the extra Volatile Airs.


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