Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Blackened Dragonscales and Savage Leather Scraps

Twilight Dragonkin in Mount Hyjal
Free Savage Leather, Scraps, and Blackened Dragonscales

Sethria's Roost in the Cataclysm zone Mount Hyjal is an excellent spot to find already dead Twilight Dragonkin.  When leveling a character witht the skinning profession, I liked to periodically check this area of the zone.  Remember how profitable the old Yeti cavern was east of Everlook when you would arrive and find a non skinner killing the yetis for the quests there?  Well this area in southern area of the Cataclysm zone Mount Hyjal is another one of those great finds.  The quest chains are in the middle of the leveling process of this zone and are often completed by many players, both Horde and Alliance.  Most players will complete this part of the zones quests because they are still not level 82 when they begin the quests.  Some players will head off to Deepholm as soon as they hit level 82.

I love checking this area for free dead mobs for many reasons.
  • The Twilight Dragonkin are heavily concentrated in these small areas.
  • Questing traffic from players is very high, which increases the chances of dead mobs waiting to be skinned.
  • During high traffic times of the day, you may have more corpses than you can skin before decaying.
  • The respawn rates are very rapid.
  • These Twilight Dragonkin drop Savage Leather, Savage Leather Scraps, Blackened Dragonscales, and Strange Bloated Stomachs when skinned.
The types of Twilight Dragonkin that can be found at Sethria's Roost in Mount Hyjal are:
Strange Bloated Stomachs

Strange Bloated Stomachs are a rare drop from skinning any Cataclysm creatures.  These Strange Bloated Stomachs can be opened and will contain 1-2 of the various Cataclysm volatile elements: 
  • Volatile Earth
  • Volatile Air
  • Volatile Life
  • Volatile Fire
  • Volatile Water
In addition, any Skinner / Engineer carrying an Electrostatic Condenser can get an additional 1-2 Volatile Air contained within the Strange Bloated Stomachs.

What other sweet spots are there for free skinning oppurtunities in Cataclysm?


  1. I blogged about my favourite Tol Barad Crocs, Crikey!!!! a couple of weeks ago.

    This is an area I commonly use and its by far and away the quickest way to get savage leather. The only problem is that your faction needs to have Tol Barad to use it. 100 leathers in 20 minutes + stomachs isnt bad :D

    No Dragonscales here though but some nice croco tails for cooking.

    Warcraft Corner

  2. Great Idea! I've stumbled into a few areas like that but totally by accident, never managed to scout out a zone. I went off to Deepholm at 83 after Vashjir (which is a great skinning zone) and found there is next to NOTHING available for skinning... so, i'm headed back to Hyjal!

  3. I know I've posted this comment before somewhere recently, but I love this spot.

    I made a macro that I /say periodically, "Skin what you kill, I'm cleaning up the corpses--don't want your kills, just the leather". Most of the players in the zone seem OK with it unless there is someone else skinning there too. Then we are racing to each corpse.

    Also, further north (on the way to the boss you have to kill at the end of this quest chain) there are three other ledges with the same mobs on them, 4-6 per stop. Almost no one goes to the other areas so either as part of an experience/rep grind or just to find new mobs you may want to just fly over the ridge and look \./ \./ down.

  4. Crikey, you don't need to have Tol Barad to go in and skin crocs. You only need to have TB in order to do the daily.

    Of course, if you don't have TB, then a lot of opposing faction players will be hanging around, and (on a PvP server) you'll probably spend most of your time waiting to resurrect instead of skinning.


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