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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saronite Ore Stockpiles

Saronite Ore Stockpiles

Saronite Ore is the most common item I am asked about.  Many people have stocked up on Saronite Ore as it was one of the easiest and plentiful resources that Markco had recommended to stockpile prior to Cataclysm.  It was actually the #1 item on his list of Top 10 Items to Stockpile for Cataclysm.  So its not uncommon to see people blindly follow his advice, then not really understand what to do next.  You need to understand why you invested in the Saronite Ore and should have had a plan for unloading it before making the investment. 

What To Do With Your Saronite Ore

Hopefully you bought all that ore at prices below the vendor value of the bars.  If you got your stacks of Saronite Ore below 12.5g per stack, then you can safely smelt it into bars and sell those bars to vendors for profit.  There are many other options you can use to diverisfy how you are going to profit off of your Saronite Ore stockpile.
  1. Smelt it into Saronite Bars to sell.
  2. Use bars to transmute into Titanium Bars.
  3. Craft Titanium Rods to sell to enchanters.
  4. Send your ore through the Saronite Shuffle.
  5. Sell the ores in stacks to other crafters.
  6. Or just let it sit and wait for the value to inflate over time.


  1. I got a guild bank tab full of saronite ore so i think i'll wait for it to inflate and then sell it.

  2. I've got 5 tabs of saronite ore, I actually made an entire guild for holding my saronite. o.O (I bought every bit of it sub-vendor though, so no complaints here!)

    This is an issue I've seen very often; people are given tips for stockpiling/investing for the future and then want to cash in right away. I'm waiting about six months before moving mine, once all the premade titansteel and such is out of the market. Then transmuting, combining with the eternals I also stockpiled, and owning the Chopper market. :)

  3. good that you took this up, i'm the one that asks him to follow up his advice in the last comment (BD).

    should be fun to see how it worked out.

  4. Actually I already got rid of all that saronite ore I bought for under 12,50 the stack. Had about 7000 ore in my mail.

    How I got rid of it? I was too lazy to ever took it out of the mailbox and it got deleted *sigh*

  5. i held some stocks of Khorium from mid BC (just before epic gems were released and found to not be prospected from Khorium) until late Wrath (when khorium power cells for Eng mounts drove the price to over 30x what i paid)

  6. Started Cata with 2 full tabs, and have moved about half a tab so far. Prices fluctuate but now never reach the vendor price floor. I get a feeling there's quite a few people working the market on my server/faction. I move a stack or two when prices are twice or more what I payed for the ore. I've smelted and sold bars in stacks of 4 and 20. Lately I posted Titansteel Bars to take advantage of some poor stacking decision by the competition (who wants to pay 1200g for 12 bars?! How about single bars from me for an easier-yet-marked-up price!) thanks to transmuting saronite to titanium and my bank tab of Eternals.

  7. On my server (bonechewer), saronite stacks are already back up to 38-40g per stack. I was able to unload my 2000 bars for a tidy profit.

  8. I'd been buying Saronite through the end of Wrath and ended up with a little more than a full tab when Cata hit. The market is still bouncing around, but I wait until stacks of bars are going for at least 80 and then trickle them in since I don't have a BS to make rods right now. It was definately a good investment for me.


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