Friday, January 7, 2011

AnnounceIt Add-On For Barking Assistance

Barking Assistance

So I have found an add-on that I am now using to help with my business of barking to sell mysterious fortune cards.  The WoW add-on is called AnnounceIt and is available from Curse Gaming.  Follow this link to the AnnounceIt page at Curse.  This add-on is designed for creating up to 5 lines of text in any chat channel.  It is commonly used for posting vent info, but it can also be used to help automate your barking business.

AnnounceIt Add-On

The tool is accessed by an icon on your mini-map ring.  All you have to do is set up each line of text, select the channel it will appear in, and then name the individual bark.  When you want to send a bark out, you just select which one to use, and click on it on the pull down tab.  Having multiple barks prewritten and ready to send to trade chat helps with sales and also allows for a much wider variety of barks.  You can drag and drop items or spells into each line of text to have the active hyperlinks show as well.  The only downside is that you must have a physical copy of the 5k Fortune Card in order to drag ad drop it into the chat line.  You can still set up a macro with the code for the 5k card to fill in between barks as you see fit.  This is an excellent add-on to include in your collection.

Anyone using any other add ons to bark with?


  1. As an officer in my guild, I use an addon called NuttyRecruit to autopost our recruitment addon every 10 minutes in trade, and I have been using this (under a different profile) to do barking on the occasions I've put some effort into the Fortune Cards. As usual, available at Curse:

  2. Thanks for the info for this addon. I will find many uses for it besides MFC barking.

  3. Wow, that's great! I was just making a post on my blog about an item that needs some barking... I'll put a link to this post!

  4. I have been playing around with a few different ones but I keep going back to scripts in the default UI. I will give this one a try since the drag-and-drop ability is a nice short-cut.

    I have bought three 5K cards using your barking strategy. It is nice to tuck valuable things away for a rainy day. I keep one to show nonbelievers in a trade window.

    Thanks Cold!

  5. hey cold
    how can I add a SpellID link without drag and drop. I want to add the buff that a certain item gives so that people can click on it.

  6. @Lars
    Adding Item Links To Macros is a great article written by Flux over at Power Word: Gold that I would recommend. Use the same procedure, just get the SpellID code.


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