Monday, January 3, 2011

Clearing Out Netherweave Cloth Reserves

Netherweave Bag Sales Stalled?

Did you stock up on a ton of netherweave cloth hoping to cash in on selling Netherweave Bags in new players and alts in Cataclysm?  Has competition been fierce and your having a hard time moving your Netherweave Bags?  Have players become smarter and realized that Mooncloth Bags and Traveler's Backpacks are a much more efficient purchase?  Maybe the price didn't hit a mark you wanted to sell at.  You may be sitting on a ton of Netherweave Cloth or pre-crafted Netherweave Bolts.  Is there another way to move some of this cloth?

Tailoring To Disenchant

Crafting tailoring items with the sole purpose of disenchanting may be another option for you to move some of that extra Netherweave Cloth or Bolts.  Those enchanting materials can also be used to craft some nice scroll enchants for selling on the auction house.  The 2 best items to craft with netherweave and then disenchant are Netherweave Bracers and Netherweave Pants.  The bracers take 1 runethread and 3 Netherweave Bolts while the pants required 1 runethread and 6 bolts.  Craft the bracers if you need more Arcane Dust and the pants if you need more Greater Planar Essense.

Depending on the prices on your server's market, you may be able to make more profit from your Netherweave from selling the disenchanted materials over selling the Netherweave Bags.

Enchanting Scrolls

There are 4 notable twink and BoA enchants that utilize these disenchanted materials and are worth selling. 
  • Gloves: Superior Agility
  • Cloak:  Stealth Check out Mageshadow's post on The Best BoA Enchant For Cloaks.
  • Cloak:  Greater Nature Resistance
  • Cloak:  Greater Fire Resistance
You also can try selling any of the other enchants that require level 35 items, like Mongoose as some other ways to unload these materials.


  1. the entire market has actually stepped up quite a bit on my server... where it used to be 4g for a stack of cloth and 10g to sell a bag, now its 14g for a stack, and about 25g per bag. Still a good market, just a different one, with more money moving. It did drop off after the initial 2 or 3 day rush, but its still a major area on Crushridge (US)

  2. I, too, am finding that prices are beginning to creep upwards on my server. I attribute this to a few different factors. First, I suspect the AH was flooded with bags over the last few weeks; this is probably less the case now, especially if netherweave stockpiles have dwindled. Second, putting in the work to craft, post and relist bags made more sense at Wrath levels of gold; selling bags for a <2g profit is a bad use of time in Cataclysm, so prices have gone up. Third, I think a lot of players raced to 80 for raiding and only now are beginning to roll alts. My hope is that prices will continue to increase, perhaps to the 11-15g range.

  3. My experience is just the same--demand and prices for both cloth and bags are creeping up.

    I set an internal rule some time ago that I must make at least 10g profit on every Netherweave bag I sell. Pre-Cataclysm, Netherweave bags were around 8g and cloth was around 3g/stack. Result: I didn't waste time crafting and selling them as the margin was too low for my taste. Opportunity cost meant I was losing money.

    Now, bags are going for 17g-22g and cloth can still be found for 5g-7g per stack, though most tends to be around 10g. Result: now I will buy, craft and sell bags as long as I meet my margins.

    Net result: I sell between 15-30 bags a day. Since 12/7, I have earned 4,146g from Netherweave bags.

    A note on competition: I have two main competitors who will undercut me by a single silver. I craft 15 bags but post 5 at my price. I check back a couple hours later. If I'm undercut, I then bump them back 1s and dump the other 10 bags. Or, if my original 5 sold I then re-list and watch for the undercutting again. I have had to occasionally cancel as many as 20 auctions and re-list for a lower price to combat these undercutters. If everyone would just decide that 20g is the right price we could all make better money for less work. /sigh

    Also, I have also sold 44 Mooncloth bags recently at 50g each. Until I began barking in /trade that they are reusable for alts, not BOE, etc., they did not sell. Since I stockpiled 200 pieces of Mooncloth in Wrath's final days, this profit is much more attractive.

    Last, because I didn't level my tailor until after Cataclysm, I couldn't make or sell Frostweave bags and didn't have sufficient stocks of bags or mats. However, all the ones I've made since 12/7 have sold for 175g-200g. I need to farm and craft more.

    Bags have become a significant income source for me.


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