Thursday, May 19, 2011

WoW Add-On Spotlight | Realm Gold

Realm Gold WoW Add-On

Realm Gold Add-On

You may have heard Wes and I discuss on The Auction House Junkies | WoW Gold Making Podcast how we both tend to run "bare bones" when it comes to Add-Ons.  Today I present to you a post on one of my favorite Add-Ons, Realm Gold.

Realm Gold is a sweet and simple World of Warcraft add-on that I use and love.  Realm Gold is available from and it is a very small program.  You can follow this link to read more about or to download Realm Gold from  What it does it very simple, yet so convenient.  Realm Gold has also been updated for Patch 4.1 already, so it is currently working.

Realm Gold adds up the total amount of gold that you have on all characters on your server.  You can also increase the size of the gold tool tip display.  Yup, that's all this add-on does.  This allows for a quick glance at your total available liquid gold without having to add each characters totals to get your realm gold total.  Instead of viewing various amounts on different characters, having all of the totals calculate and displayed as a grand total will change the way you think about spending your gold.  Seeing my grand total has lead to a change in my thinking about my gold total and how much I am willing to spend or invest in a new market.

After you are constantly seeing your gold total as a 6 digit number, you too will probably stop paying attention to the 1,2, and 3 digits.  When I think of my gold total now, it is in 555,xxx amounts.  I don't even see the singles, tens, or hundreds columns anymore.

So I am currently only running the following Add-Ons because I don't need that many to operate efficiently and effectively.

  1. Auctioneer
  2. Postal
  3. AnnounceIt (This is a must for making barking tactics easier.)
  4. Realm Gold
  5. Trade Chat Forwarder - Allows you to view trade chat anywhere as long as another TCF user is in a major city.  This add-on re-broadcast trade channel messages.
  6. Deadly Boss Mods 


  1. arkinventory will also let you know how much gold you have on each char, it also lets you see items in each inventory and some other usefull stats. i suggest giving it a look over.

    with the option to arrange items into paticular bag spots id be lost without it .

  2. I prefer Broker: Currency, a nice LDB addon. Besides total gold it includes Gold earned, spent and sum for the current session, hour, day, week and previous week. Everything but session is realm wide. Must have for me, just to see that sweet 150k profit for this week. :)

  3. I prefer titan panel. It will give you the same amount of information plus a lot more. It hides at the top of your screen and only shows up when you hover over it with your mouse.

  4. acountant and MoneyFu are my addons.. but i do not run addon-lite...

    Acountant is great, shows sales and expenses, by realm, faction, one or all toons, session, day, week (resets on Tues)... MoneyFu shows that toons gold, and on mouseover shows all others and a total...

  5. If you run a broker display addon (I use Fortress) I recommend Broker_Currency. It not only shows gold but Justice Points, Conquest Points and much more in total and for each of your characters by mousing over it.


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