Monday, May 30, 2011

For Those Who Came Before Us

Memorial Day

When you are sitting around drinking beer and cooking over the grill, remember that today is Memorial Day.  Remember those that fought for our freedom.  Remember those that came and have gone before us.  Today at Cold's Gold Factory, we pay homage to a blast from the World of Warcraft past.  You newer players can get a glimpse at an iconic clip from old school World of Warcraft players.

May they not be forgotten.

More Dots!

Back in Vanilla when the Onyxia raid was a blast, a single Deep Breath could wipe damn near the entire party.  Here is a clip of the More Dots raid leader leading his guild into the Onyxia raid.  The animation was added later, but the original was a recorded vent chat guild run.  Enjoy the show!

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  1. As a retired Navy Chief, I appreciate the mention of Memorial Day - it means alot of those of us that have and continue to serve our great Nation!

    Take care and hope you had a great Memorial Day... I know I did. ;-)



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