Monday, May 9, 2011

Amani Hex Stick Zul'Aman Patch 4.1

The New Zul'Aman

I previously wrote about Farming Zul'Aman for Mojo and Sealed Scroll Cases, but since then Zul'Aman has changed.  Patch 4.1 brought us Call to Arms, but Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub are both now revamped level 85 5 man dungeons with heroic versions as well.  Zul'Aman has retained one of the items that I would farm for sometimes.  I am an avid mount, recipe, and pet collector in addition to being an auctioneer on the World of Warcraft auction house.  Even after patch 4.1 you can still get the companion pet, Mojo.  The Amani Hex Sticks still exist within the new Zul'Aman dungeon and work the same way as the did before as far as finding the scroll collectors and Mojo.  There is one big change though.

Hex Sticks Are Not BoP

The Amani Hex Stick used to bind-on-pickup, but since Patch 4.1 it can now be traded and sold on the auction house.  They used to disappear if you died or left the instance, so this is a nice change to the Hex Sticks.  You use the Amani Hex Sticks on the frogs around the central area and they will revert back to humanoid form.  When they are freed, they will drop a box on the ground that awards gold and / or charms. 

They can also turn into a vendor npc, that can sell you a Sealed Scroll Case, which can contain some rare recipes, but since Patch 4.1 they can also contain Mysterious Fortune Cards and Darkmoon Cards.  So keep your eyes out for other players using Amani Hex Sticks on frogs when in the new Zul'Aman dungeon.  The Sealed Scroll Case is a limited quantity item (1), so first person to buy it gets the chance at the rare pattern.  Any gold you loot from a chest is also split among party members, so it is best to just wait until the dungeon is over before zapping your frogs.


  1. Also, achievement hunters will probably buy the Sticks to complete the Hex Mix achievement where you have to un-hex certain NPCs. The fact that it is completely random will make sure that the demand for the Sticks will be staying there just a little longer, combined with the peeps who want to get the Mojo pet, even if people don't know about the Scroll Case.

  2. Thanks for the info, was wondering if the sealed scroll cases are still in the game. During WOTLK this was one of the best money makers!

    ".. dungeons with heroic versions as well." Doesnt ZG and ZA come only as a heroic version? :o Though the Epic ilvls I've seen are "odd" so I may be wrong.

  3. Hmmm, interesting. Any idea if this can be "solo'd?" As in, buy the sticks off the AH and stealth in to ZG to zap some frogs? I'm hurting after they nerfed the regular mobs' epic drops. I miss stealth soloing on my rogue...

  4. Just went to try to solo un-hex some stuff. Managed to do it with my rogue, but it is a bit tricky. Bought 5 cheap sticks, used em, got a few charms, 15g, and one scroll case that had 4 very worthless mysterious fortune cards. Still pretty fun. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for cheap sticks to occasionally do this.


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