Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dreamcloth Cooldown Removal in Patch 4.2

Dreamcloth Cooldown Removed?

Despite what you may have seen or heard, at this point there is no data to reflect that the Dreamcloth cooldown will actually be removed in Patch 4.2.  The current Patch 4.2 PTR build 14117 data-mined information mentions Dreamcloth cooldowns.  On MMO-Champion it states that each version of Dreamcloth "possibly doesn't have a cooldown anymore, but cooldowns look super sketchy in the game files in the first place so be careful."

I wouldn't worry too hard or start planning too far ahead on this speculation.  Remember PTR build data-mined information isn't always the most accurate.  When the raw data mined Patch notes where originally posted, they showed that the 7 second cooldown on Dreamcloth was being removed.  Some people starting tweeting about the week long cooldown being removed, which was an inaccurate deduction.  The comment section on the post also showed that some more people were misreading the information.  All that was showing to be removed was the 7 second cooldown.  So you wouldn't have to wait 7 seconds between crafting each version of the Dreamcloth back to back.  Not really a game changer.  The Dreamcloth should still be restricted by the once per 7 days cooldown, unless something changes further.

On a similar note:  Patch 4.2 should also bring us jewelcrafter cut gems stacking.  It's about time.


  1. A 7 seconds wait time between each Dreamcloth craft? Never noticed anything like this. While writing this comment I used all 5 cooldowns... without any sort of cooldown. What are you talking about?

    And stacking gems is sweet, but remember: It's just datamined, don't start stockpiling gems just to see them stack on top of each other once 4.2 hits. ;)

  2. If the new patch does in fact bring us Jewel stacking, expect the value of the new larger JC bags to be significantly lower than expected.

    Stacking alone would have been great w/o larger bags but larger bags with stacking gems will definately reduce the need for more bag space--which I think will drive the demand for the new bags lower.

  3. The Tooltip shows a 7 second cooldown. Perhaps they are just removing that from the tooltip itself.


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