Monday, May 2, 2011

Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery | New WoW Gold Guide

WoW Gold Making with Mysterious Fortune Cards
Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery

So I have finished my gold guide and I present to you the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery World of Warcraft gold making guide.    This new guide puts into words all of the strategies and tactics I have been using to make an absolute fortune selling the Mysterious Fortune Cards on the auction house. 

You've heard and read me discuss Mysterious Fortune Cards on Auction House Junkies, Cold's Gold Factory, a JMTC's Friday Night Meeting, and also the soon to release Hall of Fame Submission to WowEcon.

So Check It Out

You May Just FuQQ Around and Get Rich Too,



  1. I lol'd at this since you already have seemed to given us alot of the tips that are probably in the guide already...

  2. Some previous tips are obviously included, but there are also more detailed looks and exclusive content that is only found in the guide.

  3. Also just want to add that the first buyer of the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery guide has reported back and he made 4k in 1.5 hours. Pretty good start!

  4. I just wanted to day that I started a few weeks (maybe 2) ago making the cards and using many of your barks.

    In that time, I have likely sold more than 3,000 fortune cards at an average price of 11g / card (low prices on my server).

    The key, though, is that the fortune cards are merely a by-product of my Darkmoon card business. In that same time, I have sold approximately 2 of each deck and have significant profits from it.

    I know there is a lot of debate from the various gold bloggers on what "true cost" is and that just because product A gives you item 1 and item 2 and item 1 covers off more than the cost of product A that is a fallacy to think item 2 was free...I personally think of it that way...That being said, the profits from my cards have covered the cost of the herbs and volatiles so my profits on Darkmoon are icing on the cake.

    When I started implementing your strategy a few weeks ago I hovered around 5k to 10k and at the end of this week should be over 100k...well on the way to my goal of capping.

    Does it come without costs, no...guild didn't like me barking that much in trade chat, I liked the money too much so I left my guild, I guess it's what you want.

    Long story shortened, THANKS - YOU ROCK LONG TI

  5. I was going to send a question to you privately, but since there are others that probably have the same question, I'm going to send it in as a comment so you can post your answer here. I'm basically giving an opportunity to answer a concern of a potential buyer:

    I've read all the articles that you posted concerning the MFCs and since I was selling them at the time at approx 16g each (no barking involved), I was going to go back and start using the techniques you mentioned (barking, creating multipacks, the 5k card link and buy back...) but when I checked out my server then, they were now being sold at 11g each... and sometimes even dipping as low as 9g - and in large quantities... I even checked the other faction on this server (I have a mid level toon on 'the other side') - and it's worse there - I haven't seen it above 10g there at all.

    I haven't seen the herbs hitting rock bottom to follow the MFC cards... do you feel that your guide could help in this situation? (Tell you what, I'll even post the server - so you can include that in your evaluation - it's Whisperwind).

    If you feel that it's still profitable in the above circumstances, I'll buy your product... I'm not new at this... making decent money at the AH - glyphs and some pets... but always looking to diversify... ya know? lol

  6. @Mathew

    Just check out your server and it appears you have some nicely priced herbs with Cinderbloom going for 36 gold a stack and Whiptail 39 gold a stack.

    It appears cards are currently sitting at 12g+ each which is a nice profit margin for herbs that price. Even at 9g per Mysterious Fortune Card you are able to make 2g+ per card sold. So at herb prices that low, the card prices are still profitable that low, but you also have the inferno inks to use for profit as well, which is where @crm14 makes a nice profit. I sell single cards, decks, and trinkets as well myself.

    You mentioned you aren't barking yet and with the # of cards on the AH it's easy to see that the competition isn't barking either.

    Pick a day when the volume of cards on the auction house is low and starting barking. I include multiple ways of dealing with competition in the guide, including tactics exclusive to the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery gold guide.

  7. Ok... I just bought a copy and looking it over. I'll report back on my profits in several days... ;-)

    BTW - @CRM14, you could have just created an Alt if the guild you were in were that stuck-up against 'public barking'... I have a dedicated shop toon for each server that I'm on... makes things easier for me.

  8. Thanks Matthew, I tried that but it wasn't what I needed.

    As a full-time professional with long work hours, a 3 year old and another on te way, going online to mill a few thousand herbs, make 500 ink and then 500 cards to transfer to another toon to start barking is a lot of wasted time with no gold.

    I simply do the barking while I am crafting. Just Saturday the result was receiving an order whilst crafting to purchase 2,500g worth of product and it was because the party he was in had already bought 3,000g worth off the AH. Prices ony server match yours almost exactly - same herb purchase costs and card sales values. The guide should work put for you really well.

  9. Ok, that'll teach me not to copy my comment before I submit it... Just lost what I typed... oh well... I'll summarize...

    I was going to wait to post for several days but decided that I'll post my first night's results and then repost in a few days...

    BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) - the guide IS worth it. (notice there is NO commission link in my comment and I have no idea who 'Cold' is... and neither does he know me).

    I didn't have alot of time last night - maybe 3 hours after we did some shopping (in real life). I have to get up early for work so I don't stay up very late... My shop toon picked up a bunch of lower cost herbs and my fiance made the MFCs while I worked on other items.

    When I started barking, the MFCs flew out of the AH... I mean it was nearly instant. I'm not one to bark constantly - maybe every 10 mins or so, but if it started a conversation, I would help to keep it going... and as the old saying goes, "there's no such thing as bad publicity"... even people saying that the only people getting rich were the ones selling them helped to spur on more sales... lol

    In total we brought in more then 3000g last night but about 500g was from 2 pets I sold... that means we got about 2500g from about a 1250g investment... about 1250g profit - and that's not including the 30 inferno inks that my Lady will be using to finish maxing out her Incription so she can make Darkmoon cards. She should have it maxed out today.

    While I'm at work the next batch of MFCs is being crafted... close to 400 this time and again, that doesn't even include the inferno inks that will be created. Today's investment was a bit more than 2000g... I expect it will bring in more than 4000g just from the MFCs.

    So as I said in the beginning - YES, the guide is worth the real money. There are a few tips that help to increase sales - and increased sales means my time is being used more effeciently... and that's worth real money to me.

    Thanks Cold - I hope that this testimonial will show that I appreciate the time you invested into your product and blog in general!

  10. PS. @Caidenn - thanks for your testimonial as well... it helped to make my decision easy... ;)

  11. Thanks for the support guys!

    Glad it's working out for you.


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