Saturday, May 14, 2011

FREE Gold Exchange Cross Faction | Satchel of Exotic Mysteries Exploit

Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

If we take a look at the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries from the recently added (Patch 4.1) Call to Arms random dungeon feature, there is a new way it can be used.  Just yesterday I was running random dungeons on one of my tanks when this idea came to me.

The Call to Arms & Satchel of Exotic Mysteries post I wrote earlier shows what all can come from these new Satchels:

Satchel of Exotic Mysteries Contents
  • Gold
  • A Chance at a Rare Gem
  • A Chance at a Flask or Elixir
  • A Good Chance at a Companion Pet (Includes cross faction pets and reputation awarded pets)
  • A Very Rare Chance at a Rare Mount (Only mounts from dungeons [not raids] and odds are the same drop rate as from the original boss source)


These Satchels of Exotic Mysteries are Bind-on-Account.  This was designed by Blizzard so that if your main is a DPS character, you can run the random heroic dungeons on an alternate character that is a healer or a tank and still have a chance to collect the mounts and pets.  You can collect the Satchels of Exotic Mysteries on the tank or healer, then mail them (unopened) to your main who can extract the pet or mount.

You MUST turn off your auto-loot option, so that you don't automatically loot the items when you peek inside to see the satchel's contents.  Turning off auto-loot allows you to peek inside the satchel and see what lies inside.  Then you can mail it to your main to extract the pet or mount.  The mounts themselves are Bind-on-Pickup so if you look inside and loot it, you are stuck with any doubles you get that you already have and won't be able to send them to an alternate character.  So make sure you turn off that auto-loot before peeking in your Satchel of Exotic Mysteries.

Exploiting The Satchel Cross Faction

As I mentioned earlier, the intent was to allow you to farm mounts and pets on alts, to send to your main.  There is a nice additional use that I just figured out.  Instead of taking out the items and gold, then sending the pets and mounts still in the bag to your main, try this.

Leave everything in the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries, including the gold.  Each bag can have a hefty sum of gold alone.  I personally have looted anywhere from 45 to 91 gold in the Satchels that I have opened.  You can just send this Bind-on-Account Satchel full of gold and goodies cross-faction to your alts on the other faction.  You can get around the hefty fees and the risk of being sniped when using the neutral auction house to transfer gold and goods.  Keep the gems in and you can get it cut and post for extra profits.  Don't use that flask or elixir?  Leave it in the satchel and send it to your alt cross faction to sell.  Heck, I even got an Obsidian Hatchling (BOE) in one of my satchels, which can sell for decent gold on the AH.  This is a super easy way to get some risk free start-up gold for expanding into the other faction's auction house in World of Warcraft.

So if you are looking for an easy way to cross-faction transfer some batches of gold and some items that you can sell on the auction house, then use this alternate strategy with the Satchels of Exotic Mysteries.  Hopefully they don't nerf the Satchel to only be good for sending to your same faction alts.


  1. If you don't want to turn of auto-loot you can also hold down Shift while right clicking to open the bag as if you had auto-loot turned off.

    You'll know its working because the loot icon will change from an icon with three bags (auto-loot on) to an icon with a single bag (auto-loot off).

    If you're not used to doing this practice on a few dead bodies to get the hang of it.

    (It also works in the opposite direction. If you never use auto-loot pressing shift will temporarily allow you to loot with auto-loot on.)

  2. Oh wow thanks for the tip, I'm gonna actually start healing for the CtA so I can set up on the horde side, the only thing stopping me before was the effort it would take to get stuff over there *devilish grin*

  3. Flux beat me to the "SHIFT KEY" tip.. bahh.. but you learned me something new about the icon.. 1 bag and 3... will have to look for that... thanks flux...


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