Friday, September 21, 2012

Blogging Carnival Topic For October

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Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival - October 2012 Topic

A big thanks to all of the participants who submitted entries for last month's blogging carnival. Everyone is welcome to write a post for the blogging carnivals at Cold's Gold Factory. Again, thank you to all the bloggers who submitted posts for the September Blogging Carnival on the Remote Auction House. If you missed the last carnival, be sure to check it out!  There are tons of great tips for using the now free Remote AH.

What If I Don't Have A Blog And I Want To Participate?

If you don't have your own site, you can still participate in the gold blogging carnivals. Sometimes a topic may tickle your fancy or you may have a unique spin on a blogging carnival topic that you would like to have read by others. Well, you are in luck. There are 2 blogging sites that will post and host your content as a guest post. Just follow the normal blogging carnival rules that the others follow and get your post hosted and live prior to the carnival. Then, just submit the link to me for inclusion in the upcoming gold blogging carnival.  

Be sure to check out How To Get More From Blogging Carnival Participation.

The friendly sites willing to host your content are:
  1. Goldgrub's Goblin Academy - Contact: Me (Cold)
  2. Squidoo - Join up and make a lens on the topic and earn money too.
October 2012 Gold Blogging Carnival Topic

The new Mists of Pandaria WoW expansion is now less than a week away.  We've all been preparing for the new expansion, each in our own way.  Every good gold making goblin already has a plan of attack for the first few weeks of the new expansion's launch.  Major patches are excellent times to make gold in WoW, but are still shadowed by the potential gold windfalls of a new WoW expansion.  As goblins, we know and understand this and have been stocking up for months in preparation. 

The MoP expansion launches on September 25th.  For the Gold Blogging Carnival that will run on October 11th, let's take a look at our launch strategies and how well they panned out.  Maybe you planned on attacking a specific market at launch or maybe your goal was to hit server first on a profession.  Maybe you planned on mining, skinning, or herbing for the first week to sell raw materials for hefty prices.  Maybe you planned on making a hefty chunk of gold until the Kobolds came in and ruined everything on your server.  Regardless of what your goal or strategy was, let's take a deeper look into that first week or two strategy and dissect how well or bad it went.
Pick A Market Or A Strategy That You Planned To Focus On For The MoP Launch.  What Were Your Results?


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