Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured On: Grand Old Podcast - History of Warcraft Podcasting

History Of Warcraft Podcasting
Grand Old Podcast
History of Warcraft Podcasting

Grand Old Podcast - History Of Warcraft Podcasting

Sayomara of The Grand Old Podcast is most well known for his World of Warcraft lore inspired podcast and lore infused segments he has produced for other WoW podcasts.  He also has been running special episodes under the History of Warcraft Podcasting name, which are interview and discussion sessions with notable podcasters from around the various World of Warcraft podcasts. 

Sayo was nice enough to invite me on as a special guest on Episode #62 of The Grand Old Podcast - "Interview With Cold", which is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio, or you can listen directly from the podcast site here:

This nearly 2 hour long interview was a blast and I had a great time with Sayo, who is an excellent interviewer in my opinion.  We take a walk down the old days of Vanilla WoW, talk about blogging & podcasting, Auction House Junkies, The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, pet battles, twinking, making gold in Warcraft, and a whole bunch of throwing Wes under the bus. 

I hope you enjoy the interview.  It was a lot of fun to participate with Sayo and his History of Warcraft Podcasting.


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