Friday, September 7, 2012

Large Brilliant Shards & Small Radiant Shards

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Cheap Enchanting Shards

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Cheap Shards

Any Enchanter who has ran a successful low end Enchanting business, understands the importance of stocking up on cheap raw Enchanting materials prior to any new expansion releases.  Especially when a new expansion drops, there is an increased demand for Twink enchants, BoA Best-in-Slot Enchants, and quality leveling enchants.  The launch of a new expansion is a great time to sell low end enchants for all of the new characters, new players, and new BoA gear bought by older players for their new characters.

Right now is the prime time to get stocking up on two of the required Enchanting materials because you won't want to run out of the best Enchants to sell during the first month of the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion.  Whenever a new expansion brings in the waves of new players, new characters, and fresh BoA gear, I always wish I had more Small Radiant Shards and Large Brilliant Shards.  Stocking up ahead of time allows me to keep from battling on the auction house for the materials to keep my Enchanting gold making business up and running.

Right now you may be able to find a lot of Large Brilliant Shards for cheaper than normal.  Why?  Well, with Patch 5.0.4 the conquest points were all convereted to honor points, so there are a lot of players with a surplus over the 4000 honor point cap.  Any Enchanter should know they can turn those honor points into Large Radiant Shards rather cheaply and a lot of non-gold making Enchanters will do just that.  Many will turn to the auction house to sell their Enchanting materials raw, instead of saving them to use on demand spiked Enchants in a few weeks.
With the addition of Monks in Mists of Pandaria, you can expect hefty sales of the +15 Agility to Weapon and +25 Agility to 2 Handed Weapon Enchants and both take Large Brilliant Shards. 

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for cheap Shards and stock up for use in a few weeks, when you make gold off of all the new WoW characters.
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