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WoW Pet Battles & Pet Flipping | GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Up and Down The Companion Pet Market

WoW Pet Battle System Updates and Pet Flipping Warnings

Remember when the World of Warcraft Pet Battle System was originally announced at Blizzcon?  If you are like me, then the first thing you thought of wasn't Pokemon.  We all  had visions of making tons of gold off of this new system in WoW.  This would be yet another arsenal in our bag of tricks.  Battle Pets were supposed to be our cash crop once the Mists of Pandaria expansion would launch. 

Companion pets would be more than just vanity items.  Then we found out that we could level these pets and we would be able to sell them.  Yes!  Cha-ching!  More $ $ flashed across our minds as higher level pets would obviously sell for more gold on the WoW auction house or in trade chat.  This new pet battle system was going to be a great new way to make gold off of other players by selling both new and leveled battle pets.  So we all started to stock up on pets, especially the harder to obtain companion pets.  Pets that are rare drops or were awarded from annual events seemed like no brainers to stockpile, as we would be able to flip them for more gold once the pet battle system increased the demand for all pets. 

Some of us started to collect bank tabs full of these rare, limited, or hard to obtain pets because they were going to make us rich. 


At the time, we knew very little at all about the actual pet battle system.  So we were basing our ideas off of speculation, which is always a gamble.  Speculating ahead of the general populace can lead you to great payoffs, if you are correct at predicting change.  If the changes don't go as predicted, you can lose out on your investments.  Well, we now have more news on the pet battle systems coming in MoP and that news is less than favorable.  Looking at the current pet battle system, there are some major winners and a ton of losers.  This was a hot topic we were excited to discuss when Auction House Junkies returned to recording.  It's time to liquidate a lot of these pets before the market prices bottom out.  Let's look deeper as to why.

Holiday Pets - Get Out Now

Since companion pets are all going to be on a shared battle pet interface, we wondered what was going to happen if you had duplicate pets on multiple characters.  The current plan is that duplicates will be returned to your characters via the the mail system or the extra pets would be placed in your bags.  This is bad news for anyone expecting to flip these holiday pets for great sums of gold.  Any of the holiday pets that are easily obtainable need to be liquidated now before the expansion.  There will be a flood of holiday pets into the market and you will have to wait far too long for the market to rebound to a nice profit.  Sell for a profit now, while you still can.  You can still sell these to people who hav

Just think of how many alts you have that have those holiday pets, like the first holiday pet to go BoE - the Sinister Squashling.  Helper Boxes?  How many of those things do you have on alts?  Yeah, so does everyone else!  And Mists will launch shortly before the new Winter's Veil Season begins and even more Christmas pets enter the market.  Get out now, before the pet refunds come and the markets get flooded.

We discussed it in this last Sunday's Google Plus Gold Makers Hangout, which can be viewed on YouTube here: http://t.co/QXkf3qQ.  Be sure to check them out.

Not All Pets Are Created Equal

With the pet battle system comes a system for placing quality variations among the battle pets.  The standard grey-white-green-blue system is used for all battle pets, both captured and learned.  Rare pets are blue in color and can be captured in the wild.  Rare pets all have an advantage over non-rare pets.  The rare battle pets level more quickly and their end stats are higher than all non-rare battle pets.  The rare pets are the most valuable and will be the best pets for leveling and selling for a profit.  They will also be the most sought after by true pet battle masters that are looking to maximize their team of battle pets.

A blue post over at MMO-Champion has a list of all of the current companion pets that will be converting to the blue rare battle pets in Mists of Pandaria.  We discussed this list on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.

The Companion Pets Turning Rare (Blue) Are Either:

Be sure to check out the list and see just how few you actually have.  Don't get your hopes up.  Many of these are hard to get or cost you money.  Sure we all will have a few on the list, but there aren't a lot of us that will have duplicates of these unless we've been stockpiling rare pets or pay for pets from Blizzard.  I wonder if you get just 1 of the store bought pets, instead of one mailed back for every character that has one?  Argent Tournaments are not going to be blue rare pets as they are not on the list.  Make sure to check out the list of companions that are turning rare.  I suggest you shift your pet stockpiling to only these pets.  These are the new cash crop to stock up on as they will be blue rares, more powerful, and more valuable.

You can start to search for the BoE pets on the auction house, but also you can start to collect multiples of the pets that are awarded from completions as well.  Then the duplicates will be mailed back to you when Mists launches.

I've been gambling on Elementium Geodes and have been stocking up on them hoping they would see a nice increase in value.  Cha-Ching!  They made the list!

Check out my Breakdown Of All Sources Of The Pets Turning Rare.

No Wild Pets Can Be Sold Or Traded

You won't be making gold off any of the battle pets you capture in the wild as Blizzard announced that captured battle pets will not be tradeable.  This change is coming in the next Beta patch.  In my opinion this is good.  It keeps the auction house from being flooded with tons of junk pets and it creates more of a value to the companion pets that are currently available, especially those that are turning rare!  I did say start stocking up on the pets on that list right?  Only the current companion pets will be able to be leveled, then caged and then sold.  So stock up on those ones turning rare!

Have people started to liquidate pets on your server?

Companion Pet Pricing Update

UPDATE:  Check out the later post detailing how these predictions and warnings were true not just of holidays pets but of every single pet across the board:

How Battle Pets Killed Companion Pet Markets


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  1. So must of the rare pets are those you buy either direct or as a drop from the card game? That is such a load of poodoo. This is ridiculous in so many ways, so either you do the endless grind of quest pet rewards or spend money. The fact that they left Argent Tournament also left me grinding my teeth. It takes like what a month or so to get to Crusader yet somehow that isn't enough to make them rare. Blizzard just seem to love screwing over us goblins.

    1. @Shaft Yeah the Argent Tournament Pets are a snub, as are a load of others, yet Mr. Grubbs? Really?

      I can't believe no Vampiric Batling or Spirit of Competition.

      It's an attempt to drive even more purchases from both the WoW TCG and the Blizzard Store and/or just a reward for those who already have purchased. While the Blizzard Store pets are still $10, the WoW TCG pets should start to see a spike in price. This master list creates even more demand for those WoW TCG pets since they are all turning to rare battle pets.

  2. Although I have been off the grid for a while, thank you for posting this. Time to dump those rabbits from spring!

    Also, I didn't do a search but within the blue post you linked to, I noticed the new Stag glyph. Perhaps that will become a serious $$ maker when MoP hits. Ink of the Sea is the component to date.

    1. Lol, Spring Rabbits? Yeah, they will breed like rab...wait a sec.

      Tons of Glyphs are changing, being removed or replaced, or added as completely new glyphs. It will bring in sales for many Scribes.

      PS: The MoP expansion drops in 2 months from today (Sept 25th). Get all of your ink swapping done now before the major pre-patch comes. The ink traders historically change with the pre-patch, which locks out anyone from trading down inks until the expansion starts.


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