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WoW TCG Pet Loot Card Codes

Ethereal Plunderer- WoW TCG
Ethereal Soul Trader / Ethereal Plunderer
The Most Expensive Loot Code Pet

Guide To WoW TCG Pet Loot Codes

There is quite a buzz surrounding the new battle pet system coming in Mists of Pandaria.  Only 90 of the current WoW companion pets are going to become rare (blue) quality battle pets, once all of the current companions get converted.  Many of the pets on the Master Rare Pet List are either very hard to obtain, currently unattainable, or cost real world cash to purchase. 

Let's take a deeper look at the pets that come from the WoW Trading Card Game.  Every one of the TCG pets are being convereted to rare pets for the new pet battle system, which means their value has seen an immediate increase following their addition to the rare list of battle pets.

There are 14 companion pets from the various WoW TCG expansions that are currently on the master list of current pets that will become rare.  Any future WoW TCG pets that area released in later WoW TCG expansions will also be rare pets.  One of the current 14 on the list is a pet coming out in the next TCG expansion.

I have already given away a few companion pets to readers of Cold's Gold Factory that subscribe to the blog newsletter.  More companion pets will be awarded to newsletter subscribers in the future, so be sure to sign up for your chance at a free rare pet code in addition to getting each and every post written here delivered to you via email.

WoW TCG Pet Loot Codes From

I buy my pet codes from and have never had a problem. All pet codes come via mail and are the original unscratched cards with intact codes.  You scratch the card to reveal the code yourself, then etner the code on the WoW TCG website to get your in game loot code.  You take the in game code to Landro Longshot in Booty Bay to claim your companion pets. 

Pet codes from the WoW TCG can be used in the US and EU regions.  Both regions can buy and redeem the same codes, but when you redeem the card's code for the in game code, you must specify what region (EU or US) you plan to claim the code in.  Then your in game code is only usable in the region that you registered it in, so be careful and make sure you claim it for the correct gaming region!

BananasKing MuklaThrough The Dark Portal
DragonkiteKitingMarch Of Legions
Ethereal Soul TraderEthereal PlundererHunt For Illidan
Eye Of The LegionEye of the LegionWar Of The Ancients
Gregarious GrellViscious GrellCrown Of The Heavens
Hippogryph HatchlingThunderhead HippogryphHeroes Of Azeroth
Landro's LichlingLandro's LichlingWar Of The Elements
Landro's Lil' XTLandro's Lil' XTWorld Breaker
Nightsaber CubNightsaber CubTwilight Of The Dragons
Purple PufferBloat The BubblefishThrone Of Tides
Rocket ChickenRobotic Homing ChickenMarch Of Legions
Sand ScarabSand ScarabTomb Of The Forgotten
Spectral Tiger CubSpectral KittenScourgewar
Tuskarr KiteTuskarr KiteScourgewar
Floating SpellbookGusting GrimoireBetrayal of the Guardian

You can purchase your loot code cards outright or you can gamble by buying the WoW TCG booster packs or booster boxes in hopes of getting multiple pets or even some of the rare mount loot codes.

Good luck and happy pet hunting!

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NOTE:  Timewalkers: Reign of Fire Expansion

The Reign of Fire expansion for the WoW trading card game has released on July 23rd, 2013.  The Reign of Fire expansion contains no new loot cards, instead this new expansions includes every loot card every previously released!  And they have upped the drop rates of the loot cards, so you have even better chances to pull loot codes out of the boosters!

Find out more about: The Reign of Fire WoW TCG boosters.

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  1. Am I understanding that if I own a tcg pet on more than one toon on the same account that I will not only possibly receive one of those pets back in the mail with MOP but will also get that pet on all toons on that account?

    1. Guaranteed to get access of all pets yes. All characters on your account will share the same pool of pets.

      Yes duplicates are getting returned via your bags and if those are full, they go to the mailbox.

      I can't say for 100% certain that the refund applies to TCG pets, because they are also on the list of pets that won't be tradeable (as are store bought pets).

      (That could change later on though)

      Mounts are also going to be shared, so if you buy a spectral tiger mount, all of your characters can ride it. I am curious to see if extra BOE mounts get refunded though (like multiple choppers on different alts).

  2. News today TCG PETS are going to be tradeable! Whooohooo!


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