Saturday, July 21, 2012

Auction House Junkies Is Back!

The Auction House Junkies - WoW Gold Making Podcast

The Auction House Junkies World of Warcraft Gold Making Podcast is back up and running.  After a few months break, we have resurrected the podcast and will be putting out more episodes again.  There is already a brand new episode up on the Auction House Junkies site and as always, we are still available on iTunes. 

Don't miss out on AHJ Episode #29 - "Where Were You Guys Last Week?"

For the new readers and newer WoW players who haven't heard of our WoW gold making podcast, The Auction House Junkies podcast is all about making gold in World of Warcraft.  Wes, Mike, and I discuss various methods, strategies, and markets for making gold in WoW.  We cover all professions and pretty much all markets get discussed in one episode or another.  We help you with new expansion stockpiling, battling your competition, provide our "Markets of the Week", and we will continually have you thinking on your toes about making gold in WoW. 

Since the beginning of the show, we have always strived to be an informative, yet entertaining podcast.  If you like the show and we've helped you make more gold in WoW, then please leave us a review on iTunes. 

Auction House Junkies Episode #29

In this episode we get back on track with discussin making gold in WoW and hit on the following topics and many others.

  1. Nev's breast cancer care fund raising campaign.  We've donated, have you?
  2. Black Market Auction House
  3. Mist of Pandaria Beta
  4. Account Wide Pets & Mounts
  5. Remote Auction House Bugs
  6. Inscription Changes to Head & Shoulder Enchants
  7. Thrown Weapons Removal - GEE and Illusion Dust
  8. Cooking Profession Changes
  9. Flipping Guilds For Big Profits
  10. Much Much More
New To Auction House Junkies?

If you haven't heard any of the podcast episodes before, be sure to check us out.  The great thing about our shows is that the majority of the topics and content discussed can be applied to multiple auction house markets regardless of when the episodes originally came out.  So you can go back and listen to the older episodes and still come away with new ideas on making gold in WoW.  Currently we are a 3 host show, but originally it was just Wes and I.  So don't be shocked if you don't hear Mike in the earlier episodes.  He joined Wes and I around episode 16 or 17. 

Check out the Squidoo Page for Auction House Junkies and come vote on your favorite host.
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  1. Fantastic to see you guys back in the saddle again with this podcast. Although there's a few out there focused on the gold making aspect of the game, I really enjoyed yours as one of the best.

    Are we going to fix the release to a schedule at all? I'd love to see AH junkies go to a weekly release schedule rather than be sporadic...

    Great work again guys and please keep it up, you have some real fans of your work out here (I regularly play podcasts through Ventrillo for our Guild members and they all loved what you did before!)


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