Monday, March 21, 2011

Fertile Spores & Glowcaps As Currency

Glowcaps Can Help You Goldcap
Glowcaps Will Make You Gold

It appears that a lot of players have forgotten about some of the older ways to make a nice profit in World of Warcraft.  Glowcaps can be used to make you a small fortune or get you some seed money to start playing the auction house.  I logged into The Undermine Journal and it appears that this is an untapped market that I had forgot about as well.  No one is posting the Sporeggar goodies on the Auction House and I will start listing some of my own for some easy gold.

How Does It Work?

In Sporeggar, Zangarmarsh there is a Sporeggar Quartermaster named Mycah.  Mycah will exchange the Recipe: Clam Bar for 1 Glowcap once you are neutral with the Sporeggar faction and will exchange the Recipe: Sporeling Snack for 2 Glowcaps once you are friendly.  Getting to neutral with the Sporeggar is rather easy as you can use Bog Lord Tendrils as turn ins to get you easily to neutral as long as you are at least level 61 to start the quest. 

I have had a ton of success selling both of these recipes for 25-35 gold each since these recipes do not require Sporregar reputation to learn.  The Sporeling Snack recipe has been nerfed and no longer provides a buff for your pet.  Even when it was pet food, I had a much harder time selling the Sporeling Snack recipe and I'm assuming sales will be even less since the nerf as only a player going for the Chef title would likely purchase it.  Both of these recipes are great options for grinding cooking skill up quickly, so they sell to leveling cooks as well as potential Chefs.

How To Get Glowcaps

The Glowcaps that are required as currency to purchase both of these great recipes are very easily obtained.
  1. Glowcaps can be picked up by any character.  They are spread all over the Zangarmarsh zone and appear as a red mushroom on the ground.  Glowcaps stack in quantities of 200, which is a great bonus.  Herbalists cannot see Glowcaps on their mini-map, so using your herbalist is not an advantage. 
  2. Glowcaps can be traded and sold on the auction house or mailed from other alts to your buyer.
  3. A Glowcap is awarded from the repeatable quest More Fertile Spores in Sporeggar that requires 6 Fertile Spores per turn in.  These fertile spores can also be purchased from the Auction House or collected from your alts.
  4. You can always bark in trade chat to find some sellers.  Many players have a few Glowcaps tucked away in their bank and may be happy to part with them cheaply.
When looking for glowcaps and fertile spores and comparing their price with the value of the recipes, remember:
  • 6 Fertile Spores = 1 Glowcap
  • 1 Glowcap = 1 Recipe: Clam Bar
  • Therefore 6 Fertile Spores = 1 Recipe Clam Bar
I like to get a large batch of Glowcap currency and buy a ton of these on my engineer, then mail them to my recipe posting bank alt.  I use my engineer so I can mail them off instantly with the Moll-E mailbox tinker toy. 

When posting these on the auction house, I also like to post a few stacks of the required item for cooking.  The Strange Spores and Jaggal Clam Meats both sell much better when the recipes that require them are also for sale on the auction house.   This makes it easy for someone looking to power level cooking to buy both your recipes and the cooking materials required to create these items.


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Have You Forgot About Glowcaps?


  1. Great post Cold.
    one thing i notice is that your doing this on your engineer, not sure if you use the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor while you are there as well. primals are something people seem to be forgetting as well. i usually do a Circle of nagrand for air when im bored transmute a few primal mights(200-250) or sell air alone for about 100g each.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I had completely forgotten that those recipes ain't bind on pickup...

  3. @Anon

    Of course I'm zapping free motes of water out of the swamp gas. :)

  4. With 4.1 doing away with pet happiness it will be interesting to see what the sporling snack changes to


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