Thursday, March 24, 2011

Runecloth Surplus Solution

Are You Overloaded On Runecloth?

Some of us stocked up a bunch of Runecloth prior to The Shattering in hopes of selling the stacks of Runecloth for reputation turn ins to new goblins and worgens.  Then Blizzard throws us a curveball and creates championing tabards for all of the player races.  Now we are stuck with a bunch of runecloth in our banks.  This was something that Wes had talked about on the Auction House Junkies podcast as well.  Maybe you are in the same boat as we are?

How To Move Your Runecloth

The market for selling unbolted stacks of Runecloth hasn't been favorable to flip these for a profit.  You may have success selling off your Runecloth as Bolts of Runecloth, but I would take a different approach.

The most profitable way to utilize runecloth on most servers would be to follow these easy steps.

  1. Have your tailor bolt it up into Bolts of Runecloth.
  2. Buy up a bunch of Runethread.
  3. Craft Runecloth Headbands.
  4. Send them to your Enchanter. (Bonus if you are an Enchanter / Tailor)
  5. Disenchant all of the Runecloth Headbands.
  6. Either sell your raw enchanting materials
  7. or Use them in BoA and Twink Enchanting scrolls for sale on the Auction House.

Why is this the most profitable alternative?  Because most servers are seeing a spike in demand due to a low volume of Vanilla enchanting materials (as I previously revealed), especially Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, and Large Brilliant Shards.  Runecloth Headbands will only disenchant into these 3 great materials to sell on the auction house.

6 Bolts of Runecloth and 2 Runethread combine to create 1 Runecloth Headband.

Runecloth Headband Disenchant Table

  1. 1-2 Illusion Dust - 74%
  2. 1-2 Greater Eternal Essence - 23%
  3. 1 Large Brilliant Shard - 3%
Depending on the price of stacks of Runecloth on your server and the going rate for these Vanilla enchanting materials, this may be a viable profit option to invest in.  Like the obsidium shuffle, this is a bit labor intensive, but can be eased if you are an Enchanter / Tailor.


  1. Runecloth has risen from 10s each (pre-Cataclysm) up to almost 1 gold now, while the enchanting materials are definitely expensive, but don't cover the crafting cost.

    It might be the very moment to start unloading Runecloth in its normal form, before more people find some time to do old instances again.

    It's the same with MC materials and equipment pieces, which are beginning to appear more regularly on the AH these days.

  2. I use wizardweave turbans. They disenchant into the same materials but in larger amounts.

    But yeah, runecloth headbands are good too. I was going to suggest these items when you mentioned your runecloth surplus.

  3. You have actually false there. I've sold over 1000 runcloths all around 4-7g EACH, and i've also been making these headbands. I usually buy all runecloths which cost less than 1g each

  4. Geedorah - Cho'gallMarch 24, 2011 at 3:23 PM

    Cold - you and Wes need to upload your podcast, brother! Momentum is everything with podcasting, and I think its irresponsible to hold out when you know you're dealing with junkies. Feed my addiction gawddammit.

  5. It's so cute how people argue that you're wrong, when it's just their server being different. I've made thousands on this in the last few months. :D

  6. @Geedorah

    Ah...You like how I made that post and had you all salivating for more AHJ? Hehehe. It's coming out tonight.


    Every server is different. It's your responsibility to check if the various tactics work on your server or not.


    Some servers the enchanting material prices far outweight the runecloth prices.

  7. I was saying, that saying ''Selling runecloth doesen't give you good profits'' Is kinda wrong, or if you do say so i think you should clear it with ''Atleast not on my server'' Because the statement is clearly false, and every server can(and have) different profitable markets depending on population, is there alot of PvP or PvE players etc

  8. I would love to be overloaded on Runecloth! I bought two guild bank tabs full of runecloth at the end of WOTLK for peanuts, and sold it for insane markup. Runecloth is rare as hens teeth on my server now!


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