Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deepstone Oil For Vial of Sands Mount

Deepstone Oil and Albino Cavefish

I have been making ridiculous profits off of crafting Deepstone Oil and selling in stacks of 8.  Deepstone Oil is crafted by Alchemists and is a nice choice for using my Common Commodity Crafting technique when leveling your alchemy profession.  Crafting Deepstone Oils can get you an easy 15 skill points in Alchemy and earn you a profit as well.

I am currently selling stacks of 8 Deepstone Oil for 345 gold and they always sell.

What?!?!  Yes, you read correct.

Vial of Sands Crafting

Deepstone Oil is crafted by an alchemist and oil requires 1 Albino Cavefish per craft.  Each Albino Cavefish will yield 1-2 Deepstone Oil.  I sell in stacks of 8 because the Vial of Sands mount recipe requires 8 Deepstone Oil.

I found that this market is untapped on my server and have been playing with the pricing.  I am just as shocked as you that I can inflate this price so high and have the Deepstone Oils still sell.  The only reasoning I can come up with is that since anyone collecting the materials to have a Vial of Sands crafted has already spent tens of thousands of gold, they probably don't mind a bit extra for these Deepstone Oils?  I'm sure players are just happy to finally see the Deepstone Oil available and buy them at an inflated price just to finally be finished collecting materials for their Vial of Sands mount.  Or maybe they don't know how easy they are to craft.  There are rarely any albino cavefish posted on the Auction House, but when there are, I snatch them up with a quickness.  Hell, at this rate I may just have to go fish some Albino Cavefish up myself.

Check out what Wes of Capped By Cata posted on Where to Farm Albino Cavefish.

Have you identified any niche markets like this that you can exploit for higher profits on your server?


  1. Unfortunately it looks like that market is already tapped and ruined on my server (like so many others). http://theunderminejournal.com/item.php?realm=A-Eldre%27Thalas&item=56850 After maintenance I'll see if I can buy up what's there and relist but I find that most people don't know the true value of things and post en masse and undercut but insane amounts. Thanks for the tip, I hope I can get it to pan out!

  2. This market is spoiled by leveling alchemist which post them for as low as 4 gold each. I suppose you were really lucky!

  3. Vayaz said..." This market is spoiled by leveling alchemist which post them for as low as 4 gold each."


    You do realize you could buy out the ones priced at 4g and sell them for more, right?

  4. Same as on my server, the market price is at 5g or so per. Mind you, this is probably a market that could be price controlled, just buy out the stock on the AH several times per day and keep relisting. One problem with that is you're fighting the Auctioneer market value that's been established from weeks of it being so low. The other problem on my server is there's over 100 on the AH right now so this would take serious time to do.

    But Cold is really saying, it's good to find those niche items that aren't popular and exploit them. If deepstone oil isn't it on your server, try to find something else.


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