Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vanilla Craftables That Continue To Sell

Don't forget about your old Vanilla WoW patterns. There are still some prime craftables that continue to sell very well. Most of the materials required area easily farmable or easily purchased for minimal cost off newer players or the auction house. With the rise in playable alts, twinks, and Xmas Noobs these items are very viable sources of income. Just keep an eye on the materials needed like: crusader's orb, large fang, spider's silk, etc.

Mechanical Squirrel Box - The free Holiday pets have kick started the pet collecting industry for many new players. Currently selling at 12-15g each. If you are levelling engineering make these until they go grey.

Barbaric Bracers - Awesome wrists for leveling and 29 bracket twinks. The materials required are a joke and I continue to sell out for 115-120g each, unenchanted!

Scroll: Enchant Weapon: Fiery - My most popular heirloom enchant. Selling for 60-65g each 4-5 a night sell out. Mats are costing no more than 25g too.

Scroll: Enchant Weapon: Crusader - Second most popular seller. Sells for 120-150g each.

Spidersilk Boots - Great lvl 19 caster boots. Snatch those Spidersilks up. New players will post em for way too low because they don't know the real value of them. Selling these for around 60g.

Strong Troll's Blood Elixir - Required for popular quest chain. I sell these for 12g each.

If you have the Formula for +30 spellpower to weapon you should be making a killing as hardly no one these days has that pattern and the demand is huge for it on heirloom caster weapons, which is a big reason I still take my enchanter on Molten Core runs.

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