Monday, January 4, 2010

Booming Bag Market

I have found some new cloth farmers selling for below what my current farmers COD to me. So I quickly bought them all out and sent them messages to try and set up daily or periodic cloth CODs for these mats at an even better price than I currently pay my farmers. Can never have too many farmers mailing you mats at your snatch price or lower.

And let me tell you, with all the extra winter break time, people are playing alts more often. When combined with all the Christmas Noobs, the result is a WELL THRIVING BAG MARKET! Are you selling 20-30 bags per day overnight while you sleep? Well why not? With all the extra people having more play time recently, the supply of cloth has risen, thus dropping the price, and combined with the increase demand for extra bags, the sale price has risen. This is one of the most profitable and easily liquidated markets right now, that requires little investment for huge gains.

I pay 6g or less for a stack of netherweave, combine with runethread, then sell bags for an easy minimum 9g99s, up to as high as 25g per bag, when not many bags are posted. To my shock the next day all of the 25g bags had sold out and the AH was empty of bags, so I relisted more for 25g on one tailor, then when I was undercut, my other tailor tossed up more bags at the cheapest rate, which was still 17g. And hell yeah the 17g ones sold out, and the high demand had even led to sales of more of the 25g bags as well, since everyone below me was sold out as well. So don't be a fraid to jack up the price on some bags, if you don't have much competition undercutting you.

So go get your bag on!

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