Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oracles Pets

In Scholazar Basin, you need to get to Revered status with the Oracles to buy their Mysterious Egg. This egg takes a full week to hatch, but can reult in one of the following:

Tickbird Hatchling (sells for around 10-20g)
White Tickbird Hatchling (sells for around 20-30g)
Cobra Hatchling (sells for around 30-75g)
Proto-Drake Whelp (sells for 200g+)
Aged Yolk (failure) (use or vendor it)

and a rare chance at a Green Proto Drake Mount (BOP)

As soon as you hit level 76, head to scholazar and get questing through the chains to get you the ability to hatch one of these every week. Maybe you will get a lucky mount, but all in all the return on selling these is very profitable as each chance only costs you 3g.


  1. If you average out the chance of pet or yolk to a profit margin, it's not even worth the time to fly out to Sholazar once a week...
    You can make more just sticking with a standard gold/hour production process.
    However, if you're currently working towards your own Green Proto-Drake mount from the egg, then the failed eggs that result in pets are a slight benefit. Or, if you are already in-zone for the fishing daily 'The Ghostfish' you could justify the time to pick up a new egg. Otherwise you're just kidding yourself that you're making money.

  2. Not true. Most of the time I just grab the egg after WG has just ended and I'm in the vicinity. Why not buy an egg while you are out doing the dailies, the Ghostfish, farming herbs, etc? There are many reasons enough that you are already in the area. Ever heard of AFK flight? I've sold the Drake pet for up to 425g, so imo it's well worth a shot. Regardless it's profit from a 3g purchase.

  3. On my server, all of the pets besides the Proto-Drake Whelp sell for less than 5g and have been this low for months. Not a moneymaking opportunity, but still worthwhile if you want a shot at the mount.


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