Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shouting in Trade Channel

Double posts today. Yay!

Shouting in the Trade Channel

I believe you should not post your profession links into trade channel as LFW . Why not? All this does is alert your competition that you are online. Your competition that is online may already have you on their friends list and are awaiting your logging out to run right to the AH and start the undercutting.

Yesterday I saw someone in trade shout out "/2 Epic Gems now on the auction house at lowest prices." That screams, cancel, repost, and undercut to me, if I'm a major AH gem player. Idiots. You don't want to alert your competition that you just undercut them!

Instead of general broadcasting, just look for people you are looking for specific items in trade channel and send them a private message with your link and your fees. This way you can continue to fly under the radar. Think about it.

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  1. most of the people that do that are not your competiton. they just want their gold and they want it fast. Good blog by the way ill add you to my daily reading list.


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