Monday, January 4, 2010

Great Buys

This weekend I was fortunate enough to pick up some great buys within World of Warcraft's auction house. The price of Autmn's Glow plummetted over the weekend, as the weekend was flooded with players on winter break and 3 or 4 day weekends. The price of singles was down to 9g each and I was fortunate to buy a full stack for 100g. That's 5 gold a piece! I've continued to sell out of these for 35g, raised the price to 45g, and I continue to sell out of them during the week. So as we all know buy on the weekends, sell during the week. So once the price spikes back up, I will unload most of these for 35-45g easy and use some for Thick Autumn's Glows and make a hefty profit there as well. So check your server to see what winter break deals you can snatch up and resell later.

Also pay attention to your trade channels while you are posting your auctions. (Another reason I don't like auto-posting programs). I was fortunate enough to see someone advertising [Nobles Deck] for 3k! Earlier I had posted an entry about how the Greatness cards were not selling as quickly, but just a few days later one of mine sold on the AH for 5.5k. That was for the card, and this guy was selling a deck for 3k! He must have needed some quick money for something. The Darkmoon Faire just arrived into town too! So I bought it and mailed it right to my main, who is going for the insane title, converted it to a card for the reputation gain, then posted it on the AH. I know I can make a nice profit from a 3k investment easily selling it for 5k or more, plus I got the added bonus of the reputation. Yay! Win-Win!

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