Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prismatic Black Diamonds

Found a new super quick and easy moneymaker for those fledgling jewelcrafters out there. Prismatic Black Diamonds can be created by a jewelcrafter with a minimum of 300 skill. If you are grinding Jewelcrafting this is also a super easy cheap route to get from 300 to 320, as this recipe goes grey at 320. The only reagant required is a Black Diamond, which are next to worthless these days. The random low level gem that is created from this is worth 25 silver if vendored. Check your AH, I found a ton of these for 6s, 9s, 12s, etc. Buy any under 25 silver and cut em and sell the cuts for an easy profit. I also tried posting a few of the +9 sta gems that were created just to see if I could eek 1 gold for em, from poor levelling characters & Christmas Noobs. This is by no means a big money maker, unless u can get stacks of them cheap. Hell, try to advertise in trade that you are buying Black Diamonds and see if you get any sellers. These are pretty much worthless to most people and aren't used in any recipes worth anything. Perfect way for a person new to the auction house to get started making some baseline investment money. Best part is you are selling for profit to a vendor, so no wait or auction house fees. Good Luck Fledglings!

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