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Spirit of Harmony Equivalent Crafting Values

Spirit of Harmony & Gauging Value

The Spirit of Harmony and Motes of Harmony are new additions with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  The Spirit of Harmony creation process requires 10 Motes of Harmony to be turned into a single Spirit of Harmony.  These motes are available as potential drops from any of the mobs within the Mists of Pandaria content.  Early experiences have been pointing towards a better Mote of Harmony drop rate among the higher level mobs, but they still do drop off of the lower level mobs, as long as you are killing creatures from the MoP expansion. 

The completed Spirits of Harmony are used in a myriad of recipes across many of the WoW crafting professions.  Since they are acquired while killing mobs in Pandaria, their perceived value is often misaligned from their true value.  The requirement of farming them yourself on the character who needs them (since they are BoP) has lead to many players buying into the old fallacy of "I farmed it, so it's free".  Which in turn often leads to improper pricing of crafted items that require Spirits of Harmony as part of the recipe materials requirement. 

Let's look at an example. 

Kobolds Have Poor Math Skills

Mist-Piercing Goggles - These are the kickass Goggles that Alto has already mentioned in a post earlier in the week.  The are a must for any Miner or Herbalist because they add around 10% more herb and ore nodes to your mini-map, when in Pandaria zones.  These are nodes that other players without the Goggles can't even see!  So they are truly a must for any Herbalist or Miner and they only need to be in your bags because you don't even have to equip them for the benefit.

These great Mist-Piercing Goggles are crafted with the Engineering profession and only require 8 Ghost Iron Bolts and 2 Spirit of Harmony.  Yet, I constantly see players selling them for far below what they should be selling them for.  The Kobold movement is alive and well on many servers and this Goggles market is no exception.  And we all know Kobolds are horrible at basic math skills.

Using just a few market prices as examples, I've seen many auction house market snapshots that look like this:

Mist-Piercing Googles listed for 800 gold.
Golden Lotus selling for 250 gold.

Without even knowing the prices of Ghost Iron Ore or Ghost Iron Bars, I am 100% positive that the person selling the Goggles for 800 gold is a dumbass.  How so?  Because the wise goblin understands the Spirit of Harmony Equivalent Crafting Values, where a lowly Kobold obviously does not.  Kobolds are bad at math, remember?
  1. 1 Spirit of Harmony can be traded to a vendor for 3 Golden Lotus, which can each be sold.
  2. Mist Piercing Goggles require 2 Spirits of Harmony in the recipe.
  3. Therefore, if you are using 2 Spirits of Harmony in a crafted item, that item needs to be selling for more than the price of what 6 Golden Lotus would sell for or YOU ARE COSTING YOURSELF PROFITS.
So in the above example, if the Kobold would have just cashed in the two Spirits of Harmony for 6 Golden Lotus, they would have (6 x 250) 1500 gold worth of Golden Lotuses to sell, instead of adding Ghost Iron Bars to sell a crafted item for only 800 gold!  Think smart like a Goblin, not silly like a Kobold who farms for free.

MoP Engineer Gold Making
Proper Mist -Piercing Goggles Pricing

Spirit of Harmony Equivalent Crafting Values

The Golden Lotus is just one of the options for purchasing crafting items with a Spirit of Harmony.  Here is a master list of Equivalent Values of Spirit of Harmony for those who are better at math than the Kobolds.

One Spirit of Harmony Will Buy:
  • 5 Black Trillium Ore
  • 1 Ethereal Shard
  • 20 Exotic Leather
  • 20 Ghost Iron Ore
  • 3 Golden Lotus
  • 20 Kyparite
  • 5 Mysterious Essence
  • 20 Prismatic Scale
  • 1 Serpent's Eye
  • 20 Spirit Dust
  • 1 Starlight Ink
  • 5 White Trillium Ore
  • 20 Windwool Cloth
While these aren't always the best ways to purchase materials for crafting, one must still be aware of the Spirit of Harmony possible vendor trade equivalents because they should be setting a floor price for the value of your SoHs in a crafted recipe.  If you can't craft with a value equivalent or better to what you can trade the SoH for, then maybe you should just trade it to the vendor and sell the raw materials for a better profit than wasting the SoHs in crafting recipes. 

And please, please, please don't think like this Kobold, I found on Wowhead with his fail strat for underselling Ghost Iron Dragonlings & Tinker's Gear.

Kobold Fallacies

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  1. I'm fairly certain Engineers don't know how to make money because they have never felt they could. Right now Lord Blastington's Scopes are as low as 510 on my server. Sadly it's a friend I thought I taught better at the low end. I normally buy them out and resell, but I'm waiting until Tuesday to see how stupid low idiots will post them for.

    1. A lot of it is just that they are often made while leveling Engineering, which causes an oversupply of them.

      The goggles and scopes, that is.


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