Monday, October 29, 2012

Kite Pets - Not Just WoW TCG Loot Anymore

WoW Kite Pets
Not Just From WoW TCG Loot Codes Anymore

Dragon Kite
The Dragon Kite and the Tuskarr Kite are just a sample of  the WoW companion pets obtained from loot codes from the WoW Trading Card Game.  Until the launch of Mists of Pandaria, these were the only 2 available Kite type companion pets in the World of Warcraft.  The Dragon Kite from the WoW loot code has always been quite popular and quite expensive as well.  The value and price of the Dragon Kite is sure to continue to climb as the WoW Patch 5.1 PTR Notes are listing that the Dragon Kite is going to become useable as a WoW Battle Pet after the new patch drops.  The Dragon Kite should become a rare battle pet, like all of the other WoW TCG companion pets that turn to rare battle pets.  So if you are lucky enough to find a Dragon Kite on your Black Market Auction House (BMAH), keep that in mind, as the value and re-sellability should vastly increase post Patch 5.1.

Tuskarr Kite
Enter The New Scribe Crafted Kites In MoP

In addition to the Tuskarr Kite and the Dragon Kite, we now have a new pair of Kite companion pets to add to our collection of companion pets.  Note, I didn't say battle pets, because neither of the new Kites are useable in Pet Battles.  The inability to be used in pet battles definately hurts their perceived value as they are only desired for their aesthetic value as non-combat battle pets.  Since the Dragon Kite is being added to the Battle Pet ranks, we can only hope the new MoP Inscription crafted Kites get similar treatment, which would greatly increase their value in the eyes of players.  Regardless, the new Kites do still sell.

Chi-ji Kite

Yu'lon Kite

Chi-ji Kite & Yu'lon Kite

The two new Scribe crafted Kite companion pets are the Chi-ji Kite and the Yu'lon Kite.  Both of these require just a single common parchament and 4 Ink of Dreams to craft.  They are made by Mists of Pandaria trained Scribes and require an Inscription level of 600 (max).  The recipe is learned from the Inscription trainer, so no special farming, grinding, or reputation is needed to start crafting these new MoP Kite pets. 

Keep an eye out for new patch notes, in case the Yu'lon and Chi-ji Kites are to become Battle Pets as well.  If they are so lucky, then you may be able to snatch up a few for cheap to flip for a higher price once they become battle pets as well.

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  1. I guess I don't pay attention to my craft as much as I should and did not know about the kites. Thanks for pointing them out.

    One correction though: these kites require 4 ink of dreams.

  2. Yeah Ink of Dreams! Can't believe I even typed Ink of the Sea, habit I guess.


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