Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upgrading Heirlooms Plus Heirloom Shields in 5.2

Patch 5.2 Bringing Heirloom Shields And Heirloom Upgrades

Are you ready to make some easy gold off of the new heirloom upgrading system and the new heirloom shields?

Heirloom Upgrade Options

There have been a ton of new Heirloom weapon and armor pieces found within the PTR and the majority of these Heirlooms are part of the new Heirloom Upgrading System coming soon to WoW.  The full list of new Heirlooms coming in Patch 5.2 can be found here.  Currently the older Heirlooms are only useable up to level 80 and the upgrade system will allow them to be used up to level 85.

Here's how the Heirloom Upgrading System works:
  • You must have the original 1-80 heirloom.
  • You visit the vendor selling the new 1-85 heirlooms.
  • You pay with the old heirloom plus an additional justice points cost for the upgrade.
  • You receive the new upgraded 1-85 heirloom.
So you can now use the new and improved heirloom for leveling up to level 85, but there is something not quite so obvious at first glance.

PRO-TIP:  You will be trading in your older version heirloom when you purchase the new heirloom upgrade, which means anyone who upgrades to the new heirloom is going to have to re-enchant their heirlooms. 

Cha-Ching!  This is great for anyone who is in the market of selling twink / best-in-slot heirloom enchants.  If you are going to be a buyer of a new heirloom enchant, go ahead and grab the ones you will need before the increased demand leads to increased prices.  If you are a seller of heirloom enchants, start drying up your server's market for any hard to find materials for the best-in-slot heirloom enchants.  Start limiting your competition's ability to stockpile ahead of the upgrade changes by getting the jump on them now.

2 New Shields Are Coming Also

EDIT: Patch 5.2 - The Heirloom Shields were a late scratch and didn't make it into the game in Patch 5.2!

The first ever heirloom shields to be added to the game, will be the upcoming Flamescarred Draconian Deflector (tank) and the Weathered Observer's Shield (caster).  These will be the first Heirloom Shields added to the game and I would expect the sales of the best-in-slot shield enchant to improve even better than it already is.  The Enchant Shield - Vitality is still best-in-slot for both the tanking and caster shields, as it provides +10 Stamina & +10 Spirit.

I've sold hundreds of Enchant Shield - Vitality enchants and I have never crafted a single one myself.  This enchant is one of the best examples I can ever give of an item that gets mass produced during profession leveling, then dumped for stupid cheap on the auction house at well below the crafting cost and actual value of the item.  I constantly find these on the AH for less than 1 gold (despite the hefty crafting cost), buy them all out - no matter how many, then flip for 75-125 gold.  (75 gold each if I have a lot, then 125 gold each as stock dwindles) 

Be sure to check out an older post from a couple years ago on the very topic as I go into more detail there, but I 'm not wanting to repeat myself too much on this post.

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  1. I really enjoy that when an opportunity like this pops up and I think to myself "must look into best shield enchants" that you tend to have the answer for me.

    I also enjoy that the first answer I thought of turned out to be the right one.

    Thank you sir.

  2. hmm...seems my crusader enchant will bring me lots of money again! Time to go stock up on those righteous orbs.


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