Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Birthday Giveaway Winners Announced

Cold's Gold Factory 3rd Birthday Celebration Winners

Thanks to everyone for participating in this year's birthday celebration.  It has been another great year here at Cold's Gold Factory and I appreciate all of your support.  These great prizes have been made possible via the great support I have received for my Gifts For Gamers weekly articles and my Squidoo lenses.  Affiliate earnings are what make these giveaways possible, so thank you for the support.  It's my turn to give back to my great readers, followers, and fans!

Here are this years winners:
(Winners have been contacted on the platform in which they won, so be sure to check your social media accounts and email.)

  • Nightsaber Cub - Ronen Ashton (Newsletter)
  • Bloat The Bubblefish - Reanna : @MentalExcess (Twitter)
  • Viscious Grell - Kim Roberts (Facebook)
  • Celestial Steed - Ariella Weathers (Google +)
  • Lil' K.T. - Bill Jaimez (Facebook)
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card & In Game Mount Code - Stephen Townsley


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