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Gifts For Gamers: Bring On The Murlocs!

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wow murloc headwear mask
Murloc Headwear

Gifts For Gamers
Murlocs - Love 'em or Hate 'em, they are everywhere in World of Warcraft.  There are those warcraft gamers out there that are huge fans of everything murloc related.  Regardless of what you think about the in game murlocs, there are some damn cute and super cool murloc items out there.  Let's dig into some gifts for murloc fans.  Grrgrrrgrrrrlll!

Murlocs For Valentine's Day Gifts?

Whether you are a hardcore murloc lover or just a fan of Warcraft lore, these plush murlocs are cute and collectible.  These would also make great stocking stuffers for Warcraft fans and awesome Valentine's Day gifts for the warcraft gal in your life.  Most suckers buy a lame teddy bear or another pathetic stuffed animal for their girl for Valentine's Day.  Don't be lame like everyone else.

Be Different - Be Cool  
Get Your Honey a Murloc Plush For 
Valentine's Day!  
She'll Llllluuurrvvvrrrvvrrvrrvrvrvrrv You For It!
stuffed animal warcraft murloc pet

"Don't get me a stupid teddy bear that's just gonna end up in the closet.  Get me one of those kick ass Murloc Plushes.  I'll keep him right by me on my desk, baby, and I'll love him forever!"

Plush Murlocs

Murloc Clothing & Headwear
Murloc Drinking Swag
Murloc Toys
Murloc Bumper Sticker

In Game Murloc Blizzcon Exclusive Codes
warcraft murloc talking plush
A Talking Murloc!

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  1. Oh I lurve the blue plushie! Murlocs are one of those game characters you either love or hate - I hate the damn things after they killed me so often as a noob but that plushie is super cute!


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