Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Guild Level 20

Guild Of All Random Invites Hits Guild Level 20
The All Random Invite Guild Experiment Dings Guild Level 20

Remember the passive income experiment with the guild of all random invitations?  Every member in this guild is either a random invite or one of my alts.  I use an Invite All Macro and spam invitations to unguilded players after doing /who searches.  We just hit guild level 20.  We still don't have the Bountiful Bags guild perk, but I now get a BoA helm for my twink.  We do nothing as a guild except leech the guild perks.  I own the guild and collect the gold from the perks.  Current earnings from the Guild Cash Perks are 9,578 as we hit level 20.  That's pretty much passive income now as I rarely invite players anymore.

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  1. Nice to see how much of a blood sucking leech you are Cold. Shame on you, really I thought you were better than that. Once a dirty rat, always a rat.

  2. One of my guild mates claims that he has more than 5 million gold. I dont know whether this's true or not, but he owns several alt guilds. One of them has almost 1000 members and its a lvl 25 guild. He says that guild only makes 40k gold in a week by itself. Well, its such an easy way to make gold :)

  3. @Bethany

    Thanks. Blood sucking leech? I prefer opportunistic goblin. No ones stopping you from doin' the same thing as it's perfectly legit.

    Now if I just had a guild on every server, I could start doing inter-server gold transfers for a set % fee. LOL

  4. Cold,

    I'd like to try this for fun. What kind of macros do you use?

  5. I don't think Cold is milking his guild members. They have an option to leave and, besides, he made it abundantly clear what the project was from the onset. Furthermore, they also benefit from the guild perks; otherwise, they wouldn't stay.

  6. Aye. There is no blood sucking involved imo. Members get guild perks and don't have to pay for anything guild related. Perhaps they even get free repairs!

    GM just reaps the rewards that without him, wouldn't even be there in the first place. Perfectly fair!

  7. Lifedream of BlackDragonflightOctober 19, 2011 at 7:55 AM

    Hi, I think this is an equitable arraingement. I had an alt join one of these massive - no social - guilds. It is fine with me. The organizer get a small bit of gold and I get guild perks. I wish I could find a really huge one to join so the perks would be better.

  8. Blood sucking leech? Give me a break. No one is paying a dime to join his guild. The alternative is to either join another guild and get the same perks, or be guild-less and not have any perks. How is Cold sucking blood? Please explain. IMO he is providing a service to people who have no guild, and it is a SYMBIOTIC relationship.

    If you think it's tyrranical for someone to offer you free guild perks, no one's forcing you to join. What if Blizz didn't put the cash flow perk in, would it still be "blood sucking?"


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