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Learning A WoW Auction House Market

Learning An Auction House Market In World Of Warcraft

Learning about the auction house markets for specific items and categories is highly beneficial for understanding your server's individual market cycles.  Some WoW Auction Market Cycles are more easily predicted due to commonalities across multiple servers, like the tuesday upgrade cycle or the weekend materials floodings.  Other cycles are going to specific to your server and will take time and research to grasp an understanding.  Taking advantage of the up and down pricing within the WoW auction house markets is how many of us make gold in WoW. 

Item prices can vary from day to day, patch to patch, and even hourly due to spikes in sales or lack of supply.  Hell, some markets see more ups and downs than a hooker's panties at a bachelor's party on a Saturday night!  Knowing what is valuable, how much it will sell for, and when to sell are three prime components of the auction house manipulation game.  Items can be purchased when mispriced and flipped on the WoW auction house for easy profits with little to no time or work commitment involved. 

How To Learn Your WoW Auction Market

There are many key components involved with learning and understanding auction house markets within the World of Warcraft.  Here are the 4 most important concepts to master in order to grasp knowledge of your market and its pricing swings.
  1. Research
  2. Add-Ons
  3. Time
  4. Predicting Change

Research is the first place to start when looking into a new market.  The Undermine Journal is by far going to be the best tool for you to use to look at historical data on any specific WoW item that is traded on the auction house.  Checking out the item on The Undermine Journal will show you great information such as quantity being listed and swings in pricing.  Recent sales data as well as who has been selling the item is also useful information to ascertain.


WoW add-ons such as Auctioneer, Trade Skill Master, and Auctionator can all assist you in learning the market values of items.  These add-ons are not as accurate as The Undermine Journal.  The Undermine Journal pulls the data from the auction house servers once per hour, while our individual add-ons only estimate market values based on the actual auction house scans that we perform with these add-ons.  These WoW add-ons also are based off of the listing prices of items, not the selling prices.  This leaves the ability to falsely manipulate perceived market values to trick the add-ons into convincing you something is a great buy and worth flipping for more gold.  So if you rely on only add-ons to tell you the market value, you can't be completely confident in the market values given.


Time is another factor to consider.  In order to fully understand the ins and outs of a specific market, you need to be constantly checking on the prices of that market.  That equates to closely monitoring the prices of your crafted items and the materials available.  When using daily searches for low priced materials and stocking up when the price is right, you can weather through the price spikes of your required raw materials.  The longer you are working in a market the better feel you will get for the price fluctuations within that market.  After a while, you won't even need market research anymore and you will engrain the market value and the possible profits deep within your number one tool for making gold in wow, your brain.

Predicting Change

Predicting spikes and drops in demand of WoW items is very important for both increasing your profits quickly as well as avoiding losing potential profit on items that will soon see a decline in value.  I'm not talking about speculation, which tends to be a more high risk / high reward prediction based on no concrete evidence.  What I mean is using the information that we know will be added or changed to fully prepare for the market swings that those changes will brings.  Deductive reasoning and logic will help you interpret things such as the official WoW Patch notes and announcements of upcoming game changes.

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