Friday, October 21, 2011

Hallow's End: Creepy Crate Pet Quest Profits

WoW Creepy Crate Companion Pet

An All New Hallow's End

The 2011 Cataclysm version of the in-game holiday, Hallow's End, has seen some major revisions.  Gone are the old ways of making gold in WoW during Hallow's End.  Mask and Wands can be bought off the vendor.  The Bobbing Apples no longer give a buff and neither do any of the trick-or-treat candies.  There are some nice new changes to the Hallow's End holiday though, including a new quest chain that upon completion awards one of the new companion pets, The Creepy Crate.

Hallow's End Costume Wands Now Worthless

The new Cata version of Hallow's End has all but killed off the Profiting From Costume Zaps strategy that I have been using every year since the achievements were added to World of Warcraft.  Selling wand zaps was an easy way to make gold in WoW during Hallow's End with a little barking.  Not anymore.  The costume wands are now available from Hallow's End vendors and the trade chat channel is now filled with players looking to "trade zaps for the achievement."  Every bark I do asking to sell costume zaps, is followed up with people barking they are trading zaps for free.  No sales this year for costume zaps. 

The Creepy Crate Companion Pet Quest

Inside the inns of both the Horde and Alliance capital cities, you can start a new Hallow's End quest chain.  Upon completion of the new Hallow's End quest chain, you will be awarded with a new companion pet, The Creepy Crate.  The quest chain is pretty easy to complete, but there is an opportunity to profit off of foolish players who are also completing the Creep Crate pet quest.  One of the quests in the chain for the Creepy Crate quest requires you to collect 5 herbs (you pick them inside the capital city), 5 Crystal Vials, and 5 Arcane Powder. 

The funny thing is that even though the Reagent vendor and the Alchemy Supply vendors that sell the needed vials and arcane powder are located very near the quest giver, some players will still rush to the auction house to buy the Crystal Vials and the Arcane Powder while completing their Creepy Crate pet quest.  The vendors are right next door to each other in Org, but I started selling Arcane Powders and Crystal Vials within minutes of tossing them on the auction house.  I'm selling the 5 stacks for 22 gold each.  Some people are just clueless and every time there are new holidays, new achievements, or new quest required items added to WoW, there will be chances for profiting off of the less informed players in WoW.
Who else has been selling Crystal Vials and Arcane Powder to Creepy Crate pet collectors?

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  1. I've been profiting the same way, Cold. Managed to sell zaps to like one person, so I started selling arcane powders instead. The difference however is that I've sold them in stacks of 5 for 249g! And it's been selling too :D

  2. Zaps are still selling, but not as profitable. I've made about 2k in 3 days so far selling complete sets. I allow them to tip what they think is fair - average tip is about 200g, some much less, some a bit more, some not at all.


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