Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hallow's End: Hallowed Wand Costume Profiteering

Hallowed Wand Costumes For Sale
Everyone who is working on The Masquerade Achievement needs to get a zap from each of the various hallowed wands.  There is a hallowed wand for each costume:  Bat, Ghost, Wisp, Leper Gnome, Pirate, Skeleton, and Wisp.  You will often see impatient players looking to buy these costume zaps in trade chat.  I myself set up a macro to shout periodically that I am selling hallowed wand costume zaps.  I charge 25g each or 3 for 60g.  Funny thing is I haven't even looted a single wand yet this year and I have made hundreds of gold from zapping the people who just can't wait until the holiday is closer to being over.  Yeah, if you wait you may not even have to buy any specific zaps as you can trade zaps, or get zapped for free while in dungeon groups.  As greedy little goblins, we offer these impatient ones our services to line our coin purses with their gold.

Save Your Wands
I haven't even got a wand yet this year and I'm making a lot of gold selling zaps, in between runs to the auction house and mailbox.  How?  Planning ahead.  Do not give wand zaps for free.  Do not zap people for fun.  Only trade zaps if you yourself need one for the achievement and the holiday end is looming near.  Do not delete your wands or waste their charges once the holiday is over.  Why?  The achievement doesn't even require the zaps during Hallow's End.  Yes that's right, I actually store these and sell some zaps during the year to people looking for a variation from the Savory Deviate Delights.  I also had a complete set of wands ready to go day 1 of the holiday, which is how I have been making the hundreds of gold during regular routines.  Hell, I been advertising Mistletoe Spirit Buffs for sale as well.  Those are from last year too.  If you have any of the old Hallowed Wand: Random from previous years, save those for people looking for a costume (Savory Deviate Delight buyers).  The random costume wands have been removed, but the zaps don't count for The Masquerade achievement.

Anyone else making gold off the impatient ones?


  1. Ha, great plan! I still have a Pirate wand with a couple of charges in it for last year, I'm going to see about selling those off!

  2. Make extra gold off the poor schmuck that needs just 1 more zap for the achievement, but the holiday has just ended.

  3. Hey Cold, This works!
    I have made atleast 500g already just doing zaps.
    I've been pretty lucky to get a couple wands already. And I charge 20g each zap. I also scan Trade chat for desperate people shouting for zaps and they pay more (40g or more). Great thing to shout while your making your runs to the AH or Mailbox! Macro Time!

    WoW Street: Gold Never Sleeps


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