Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glyph Prices Will Peak Again Before Cataclysm

Glyph Sales Will Rise Again

Selling Glyphs

Scribes have been making a killing selling glyphs to all characters. Prices are down already on some of the easier to learn glyphs. Do not worry. Prices on glyphs will peak again before Cataclysm. Scribes will be able to sell a ton of glyphs again upon the release of Cataclysm as new players join and old players roll new race alts. Another patch will soon increase the demand for glyphs again.

The Shattering
Patch 4.0.3 is also The Shattering event patch. Blue posts have already said the new race and class combos will be available with The Shattering patch. This opens up a whole new target audience for glyph sales. I definately expect to see some new characters spring up after the patch goes live. These new troll druids, human hunters, etc. will all be looking to stock their glyph books. If you didn't learn from the last patch, make sure to post your glyphs the Monday night before the patch, incase the server is down extra time again. Those of us that posted the night before saw a ton of sales with little competition as we planned ahead. If you have some glyphs that aren't fetching what you want for them, just wait until The Shattering patch goes live when prices should spike again.


  1. It's a good time to be a scribe on my server - although prices have dropped from their initial gold-rush levels, they're still selling at pleasantly high prices (and glyphs are selling out often, meaning nice high-price resets). Herb prices have dropped as well, so there's increasing competition to go with reduced restocking costs, but if you have a wide range of glyphs (and sufficient time to mill herbs) the sales keep rolling in.

  2. I am still making a killing, at least 10-15k/night. I am buying out herbs to keep prices high for others and buying out huge stocks of cheap glyphs whenever they appear on the market. I've burned through about 60k glyphs and ran out of many, but am at the point where my market saturation is starting to get back to where it was.

  3. Interesting take, Cold. I agree with you, but this does beg the question...what happens say 3 months into Cataclysm?

    Old school players have all the glyphs for their chars, new players to WoW have their first char leveled and have glyphs, and the rush of newely created class / races combos is down.

    I would expect to see inscription see a huge drop off once the initial boom dies off. Perhaps resulting in a second mini-boom as a ton of scribes drop the profession. The decrease in the supply might be enough to make it a worthwhile profession for a few high-end scribes on each server.


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