Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eggciting Times Ahead

Planning Is Everything
The Feast of Winter Veil will be starting this year on December 15th.  Since proper planning can net you thousands of gold during the first few days of the holiday, I highly recommend starting to amass your stockpile of Small Eggs

Huh?  I'm lost.
The strategy of wheelin' and dealin' in the small egg market is once I have exploited for once of the best return-on-investments currently within the game.  This is a get-rich-quick strategy that works extremely well, if you plan it out properly and post your eggs priced correctly and early in the holiday.  You want to have all you eggs ready to go and posted the night before the holiday starts, so that once you awake in the morning on day #1 of the Winter Veil, you already have made thousands upon thousands of gold with eggs.  You can then ignore the crazy battle for market position that ensues once everyone else catches on.

Tell Me More!
If you haven't already read it, please catch up on the topic via an old post on Holidays and review the section regarding Winter Veil.  Right now is the time to horde as many small eggs as you can get.  If done right, you will not be able to keep enough in stock for the first few days of Winter Veil.  If you some reason you are late or poorly prepared and end up with excess eggs, you can always save them in the bank or guildbank to profit from during Children's Week.

Tips on Stockpiling
Here are some great ways to get started on gathering small eggs.
  1. Add the Small Egg to your snatch list.  You can find good chunks of them on the auction house, probably from new blood elves and night elves questing and grinding in the 2 major hotspots.
  2. Farm them yourself.  Darkfall at the Moonkin Caves & Dragonhawks just outside Silvermoon City are the 2 hotspots for mobs that drop the Small Eggs.  I prefer the moonkin/ owlkin as they drop coin as well.  Use a twink or a character waiting for the BG or RDF queue to pop so you are farming inbetween runs.
  3. DO NOT SHOUT IN TRADE CHAT.  Big mistake to alert others to what you are doing.  They will steal the idea and become a major competitior.
  4. Hire lowbies.  Instead of shouting that you are buying eggs, try this.  Make a macro that says "LF Low Level Players wanting to make easy gold.  Pst for details."  This is where you get someone with not much gold to work for you, hunting the mobs that drop the eggs and have them COD them to you for an agreed price.  I pay them up to 50s per egg and all they do is collect them and send them to me in full stacks.  That 10g a stack is a great money maker for them and is high enough that they will excited to make that kind of money.  Some people will send you a batch once, so they have enough for their first mount and riding skill.  Others will continue to send them in for the good source of income.  Just be sure to pay them ASAP on the CODs.
You Have Been Warned
So a lot of people missed out on the Delicious Cake Sales due to improper planning.  The ones that learned from my warning and stockpiled the eggs and mageroyal ahead of time, made huge profits, just like I did.  Don't be left out this holiday.  I have done this 4 years straight for huge profits.  It's the best part about Christmas in WoW.

The Season of Giving
But Christmas is supposed to be about giving, right?  Yes it is, but lets spin it a bit.  Any of your lowbie farmers that you get to work for you.  Try this out.  Tell them that if they send you a full mail posting (12 stacks) that in addition to their 10g per stack payment, they will get a "Bonus".  Anyone that sends the full 12 stacks of eggs, send them a "Bonus" gift.  Make it a vanity pet.  Many of these lowbies may not have a pet, and we all know that once you get one, you jsut have to start collecting more.  So the one free low cost pet, even better if it is a cheap one from their opposing faction, may spur them to start pet collecting, which will help to return the gold they earned from you back to one of your alts that is selling vendor pets on the auction house.  Win-Win-Win!  Triple Win!


  1. I'm gonna farm for an hour now and see how many eggs I can collect, shadowpriest with 5800gs, reporting in an hour to see how many I can get.

  2. Didnt post the message before I started farming hehe..

    Here are my results!

    Farmed 60 minutes outside of Silvermoon City.

    Shadowpriest Epic mount.

    I collected 412 eggs in just an hour, this was 100% farmtime, I ONLY farmed for 60 minutes and ended up with 412 eggs.

    This means that 15 minutes ~100 eggs.

    If anyone wanna try to farm in the moonkin caves be my guest, id like to see some numbers of that place too

  3. After I put up this post, I went and did a scan on the AH and found 10 stacks of Small Eggs for 5g per stack. Snatched up all of those.

  4. What was the average price of a stack of Small Eggs during the holiday last year? I remember them being stupidly high, and just went to farm the eggs myself, but I never wrote the price down. I'm going to give this a go, and I want to know what ballpark I should be aiming for when listing the night before.


  5. If you are on the ball and post ahead of time, you can get 5g per egg. You don't sell them in full stacks. You sell them in Singles and stacks of 5.

    All server's are different, but by being first to post, you can set your price. I post the night before with a 48hr timer and never get eggs returned.


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