Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lego Minecraft Micro Worlds Back In Stock!

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The Lego Minecraft Micro Worlds Are Back In Stock!

The Lego Minecraft Micro Worlds are very popular, which has made them super rare and hard to find.  They've been out of stock everywhere for months (most of all of last year), unless you are willing to pay the heavily marked up prices because of their massive demand and low supply.  Jinx & Amazon have both just got a fresh shipment and they are back in stock (for now).  If you've been hunting for these, then don't sleep on it!  Supplies are already dwindling as Minecraft fans are learning they can get them again for regular retail price - that is until they are gone again!

This type of high demand / low supply item presents a couple of oppurtunities.
  1. Buyers & collectors can get their Lego Minecraft Micro Worlds kits at regular retail price.
  2. Investors can purchase the Lego Minecraft Micro Worlds at normal price, then flip them for a nice profit on eBay,, and other third party sales sites once the supplies dwindle.
The potential to flip these for a nice profit is great.  They've been selling for $55+ for a single Lego Minecraft Micro World prior to this new stock arrival and the price will surely rise again once this current stock evaporates.

Lego Minecraft Micro Worlds at Jinx
Lego Minecraft Micro Worlds at Amazon

In addition to the Lego Micro Minecraft Worlds, there are a ton of Minecraft products available for Minecraft fans.  Both Jinx and Amazon have a variety of Minecraft goodies, like T-Shirts, stuffed creepers, Minecraft figurines, posters, and much more.
Check out the Official Minecraft Store at Jinx!

Visit The Minecraft Store on Amazon

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