Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Darkmoon Faire Post 5.2 Offers Chance At Free Pets & Vanity Items

The Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket Change

While I was working on the shownotes for the next episode of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, I ran across the Patch 5.2 Undocumented Changes.  There are some nice changes that haven't been disclosed in the official Patch 5.2 notes, including changes to the Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket System.  Remember in Patch 5.1, when they changed the production of Imperial Silk to Silk Cocoon, which gave a chance to get pets when crafting Imperial Silk?  Well, they've done something similar with the Darkmoon Faire ticket rewards. 

Check out all of the Undocumented Patch 5.2 Changes at this source.

New Darkmoon Game Prize

With WoW Patch 5.2, the non-profession daily quests at the Darkmoon Faire now each award a Darkmoon Game Prize instead of just a single Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket.  The Darkmoon Game Prize is a container that will always include your 1 Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket, but also has a chance to contain once of the Darkmoon Faire Pets or one of the newly added Darkmoon Faire Vanity Items! 

The non-profession quests are simply the 5 daily quests of playing games at the Darkmoon Faire.  The quests that now award the Darkmoon Game Prize (and your chance at bonus pets and vanity items) are:
  1. He Shoots, He Scores!
  2. The Humanoid Cannonball
  3. It's Hammer Time
  4. Target: Turtle
  5. Tonk Commander
In addition to each of the Darkmoon Faire pets, you can also get other items that normally cost Darkmoon Tickets, including the Darkmoon Whistle and Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire.  There are also new single use vanity items that can also be found within the new Darkmoon Game Prize container.

Pet & Mount Collector Tip

So if you are a collector and are saving up to get all of the pets and the mounts from the Darkmoon Faire, then post Patch 5.2, the wise strategy would be to go for both mounts first.  You are sure to get a few of the Darkmoon Pets out of your Darkmoon Game Prizes as you amass the Darkmoon Prize Tickets required for both of the mounts.  Then you can focus on getting the pets once you have the mounts.  This will help prevent getting a free pet that you've already purchased, as you will be purchasing your pets last. 

This new addition of the Darkmoon Game Prize is also a nice boost for running your lower level alts through the Darkmoon Faire as each day they will each get 5 chances at a free pet that you can cage and sell on the auction house (or level up and sell for even more profit).


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  1. I *thought* it was wierd last time around, with those prize boxes.
    One dropped a Darkmoon sword for me, which was great because I wanted one to transmog my weapon but it's not transmogable, so no tokens wasted!

  2. Don't forget the Darkmoon Top Hat - instead of having to run back to the carousel every time (rep + xp bonus), you can just use the hat for the same buff!


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