Friday, October 18, 2013

Hearthstone Beta Key Contest Solution

We've Had A Winner Claim The Code!

Well, it took 14 hours after the initial release of the puzzle, but we've had a winner solve the solution and claim the code for their very own access to the Hearthstone Beta!  Good Job on solving the puzzle.  There were clues and codes hidden in specific posts, on the Cold's Gold Factory Facebook Page, various Twitter accounts I'm associated with, as well as clues from the various gaming and music podcasts that I am a part of currently.

Stay Tuned for the next Hearthstone Beta Key giveaway, which you can hear about starting on Monday.  That contest will award a winner on Halloween, so you will have plenty of time to enter for your chance at another Beta Key.

Solution to Yesterdays Puzzle:


  • AA  - If you were looking for a keyboard for a gamer, you might find a hint for this code.
  • BB - On this episode of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, we first talked about the cancellation of the WoW Trading Card Game.
  • CC - On this episode of my DJ podcast, I played my current favorite track, "Indie Anna Jones".
  • DD - There is a hint in the post on this site that highlights the clothing of a popular TV nerd.
  • EE - Nonmail joined us as a special guest for his first appearance on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast on this episode.
  • FF - If you like the Cold's Gold Factory Facebook Page, then you may already have seen this hint.
  • GG - What year was R9sid9nt9vil born?
  • HH - On this episode of The Electronic Education Podcast, one of my special guest DJs spins a Psy-Trance set.
  • II - In the only guest post on this site about Hearthstone, you will find another hint.
  • JJ - What year was I, Cold, born?
  • KK - On this episode of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, we find out about an idiot high on LSD who thinks he is a necromancer!
  • LL - Hint:  Braaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiins!
  • - The original mana cost of the Hearthstone Mage Spell Frostbolt prior to the patch changing it's casting cost.
Keep Yours Ears Open For The Next Contest & Good Luck!

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  1. I still don't get brains thing (non eng guy again). 71 ? Whats that about ?

    1. Braaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiins! -> Zombies -> Ultimate Zombie Lover's Gift Guide Post had the "Hint: 71" hidden in the comments section.

    2. Heh ok get it :) thx


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