Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cold's Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway Contest

Hearthstone Closed Beta Invitation
Win a Free Hearthstone Beta Key

Cold's Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway Puzzle

Here is the Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway Contest as originally mentioned earlier in the Hearthstone Beta Key Announcement.  The first person to solve the puzzle and enter the code into their Battlenet account is the winner.  This Hearthstone Beta Key Code is unclaimed and ready for claiming by the winner.  Good Luck!

Hearthstone Closed Beta Key Code:

The Hearthstone Beta Key Code is 25 digits long.  Solve for each digit using the following:


  • AA - If you were looking for a keyboard for a gamer, you might find a hint for this code.
  • BB - On this episode of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, we first talked about the cancellation of the WoW Trading Card Game.
  • CC - On this episode of my DJ podcast, I played my current favorite track, "Indie Anna Jones".
  • DD - There is a hint in the post on this site that highlights the clothing of a popular TV nerd.
  • EE - Nonmail joined us as a special guest for his first appearance on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast on this episode.
  • FF - If you like the Cold's Gold Factory Facebook Page, then you may already have seen this hint.
  • GG - What year was R9sid9nt9vil born?
  • HH - On this episode of The Electronic Education Podcast, one of my special guest DJs spins a Psy-Trance set.
  • II - In the only guest post on this site about Hearthstone, you will find another hint.
  • JJ - What year was I, Cold, born?
  • KK - On this episode of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, we find out about an idiot high on LSD who thinks he is a necromancer!
  • LL - Hint:  Braaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiins!
  • M - The original mana cost of the Hearthstone Mage Spell Frostbolt prior to the patch changing it's casting cost.

Hints about the puzzle solutions may be released from any of these accounts:

Good Luck Everyone & Happy Hearth-stoning To The Winner!

Don't go away just yet!

I will be giving another Hearthstone Beta Key away on Halloween.  Make sure to follow the above accounts so that you do not miss out on your chance at another free Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway.

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  1. I have everything and the is down for maintenance!!!!

  2. I've spent an hour already but DD,GG,JJ and LL (is it cause I'm not eng native

    Most likely someone already got it lol

    gr8 idea had fun :] and grats to the winner :D

  3. There's just no way! The only thing i am missing is the date you and r9sid9nt9vil were born but i can't find it!

  4. This is a really good style of give away, should be an example for blizzard and other sites

  5. Has somebody already won it, then?

  6. No winner yet! Birthdays seem to be hardest to figure out, but there are hints out there and we've mentioned our ages on the podcast a few times.

    Good luck!

    Let me know when u win and prove it w screenshot once in!

  7. I think I'm pretty sure about the code, but it seems Blizzard has a problem in the website...


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