Monday, July 29, 2013

Gifts For Gamers: Fluxx , Fluxx The Board Game, & Other Looney Labs Games

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Fluxx Games From Looney Labs

Top Card Games - Cthulhu Fluxx
My Favorite Edition:  Cthulhu Fluxx

FLUXX is one of my favorite family friendly table-top card games and I've featured it in an earlier Gifts For Gamers post on my Top 5 Table-Top Card Games.  Fluxx is an awesome card game because it is super fun, easy to learn, appeals to gamers of all different types, and can be played by the whole family.  Fluxx is a game of ever changing rules, which keeps the games feeling fresh and makes the entire Fluxx line have a nice replay value for years.  There is a version of Fluxx made for everyone:

  1. Fluxx 4.0
  2. Star Fluxx
  3. Zombie Fluxx
  4. Pirate Fluxx
  5. Family Fluxx
  6. Monty Python Fluxx
  7. Oz Fluxx
  8. Cthulhu Fluxx
  9. Eco-Fluxx
  10. Martian Fluxx

Looney Labs Launches Fluxx the Board Game

Looney Labs Fluxx Board Game

And now Looney Labs has just released the first ever FLUXX Board Game, which looks to be a ton of fun too!  Check out the video below for a preview on the new Fluxx board game.

From the Manufacturer

The board game that's all about change: changing rules, changing goals and now changing tiles. Occupy the right tile spaces to claim the current goal and reveal the next goal. getting you one step closer to victory.

Product Description

It's more strategic than the original card game and delivers everything you'd expect from a name like Fluxx; The Board Game.The ever-shifting landscape is made of tiles that can be rotated or uprooted elsewhere on the table.Ti win, players must position their pieces on places shown on goal cards.Victory requires accomplishing several goals but the exact number needed is subject to change!Rule changes are tracked on a comprehensive new game board.It's a game about change where everything can change - from the rules to the gameboard to the color of your pieces!

Other Fun Games From Looney Labs

Looney Labs creatures a large variety of really fun games.  I've played a lot of their games and have enjoyed every game of theirs that I've played.  Andy Looney and his wife are both super cool and friendly people who I met at one of the Origins Conventions.  Any convention that I've been to I always look for the Looney Labs room to hang out and try out their new games.  I recommend the same, if you are lucky enough to attend a gaming convention where Looney Labs is attending also.

Here are a few more of their games that you may be interested in checking out.

  1. Ice Dice
  2. Looney Pyramids
  3. Chrononauts
  4. Treehouse
  5. Are You A Werewolf?


  1. I love playing Cthulhu Fluxx, this was the first "Fluxx" game I owned. It was given to me as a gift along with a bonus card. I then went out an picked up Star Fluxx and recently picked up Fluxx for the iPad. Overall they are very fun games, the goal is always in fluxx, it makes for an interesting experience.

    1. Cthulhu Fluxx is also my favorite. I'm very disappointed with the iOS version o Fluxx be the pass & play multiplayer is horribly drawn out and each time u reopen the game it reshows you all the plays since your last play


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