Saturday, April 14, 2012

MFCs Will Never Die

"I Flip For Mysterious Fortune Cards!"
Hagor Flips For Mysterious Fortune Cards

Mysterious Fortune Cards Will Never Die

Mysterious Fortune Cards (MFCs) will never become obsolete.  One of the negative aspects of having a new expansion released for World of Warcraft is the fact that at least 90% of the profession craftable items will become obsolete.  These older pattern crafted items are undesireable by the majority of characters.  Sure, there are some nice leveling pieces that characters may desire as gear upgrades while leveling, but the demand quickly fades a few months into the new WoW expansion's release.

Mysterious Fortune Cards are different because they are one of the items that will continue to sell long in the Mists of Pandaria expansion and beyond.  Why?  Because there will always be a demand for players looking to gamble at a chance to win a quick 5k gold.  Even if a new MFC type card is released in Mists of Pandaria, the Mysterious Fortune Cards will still be another valid gambling option.  And as discussed in the post on Population Cycles & MFC Barking, the launch of a new expansion is a great time to sell MFCs to all of the new and returning players.  Increased player populations on servers means more players will be hearing your barks, which in turn will lead to more sales.  One of the benefits of buying my MFC Guide and learning to properly sell your Mysterious Fortune Cards is the fact that the market will never die.  The MFC sales will continue to roll in each and every expansion.

Bringing MFCs Into Mists of Pandaria

When stockpiling for Mists of Pandaria, I recommend stocking up early on your Inscription Inks.  If you are having trouble finding storage space for all of your herbs and inks, then you can also convert some of those Blackfallow Inks to MFCs, since they stack 200 cards per stack.  This can be a great space saver, if you craft a bunch ahead of time.  They will fly off the WoW auction house once the swarm of new & returning players arrives into Azeroth.  If you buy a bunch of herbs to make your MFCs now, you will make an even better profit later on into the MoP expansion once inflation and the lack of farmers in older zones starts to drive the prices up on the raw materials.  So you can use the WoW expansion inflation to your advantage and sell your MFCs for more when the herb supplies dry up.

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  1. Do you think there will be a new version of MFC in MoP with higher rewards and using new inks?

  2. It is possible, but I doubt it. Would be nice though. Either way they will both sell.

  3. What do you think they will do with the Blackfallow ink come MoP? Currently, its only used for trading and the MFCs, and trading these ink will likely not be available in MoP. Will Blackfallow Ink become a one product wonder?

  4. @jon

    You have to trade inks prior to the Ink vendor change to requiring the newest inks for exchange.
    Then it will be MFCs, dusts, and herbs will still be used for alchemy leveling as well.

  5. I agree that MFC’s won’t be made irrelevant....there’s always room to rope the occasional sucker into gambling on them.

    But I expect the market to mostly vanish. Here’s why:

    1. Demand side collapse. Fortune cookies (a primary use for MFCs) will no longer provide the top buff. Once MoP hits, demand for Fortune cookies will plummet.

    2. Supply side collapse. Due to higher production costs. As with all “past expansion” mats, prices will go up with MoP. Folks won’t be farming Cata herbs, they’ll be expensive, and that will translate directly into higher MFC production costs. Higher prices = less demand.

    3. Smaller winnings. Since Blizz is unlikely to change the payout on MFCs, and since the cost of making (and buying) cards will go up, their payback (the expected value of each card compared to its cost) will crash.

    The combination of these factors will put the kibosh on MFCs imo. As it is, the market is already pretty thin. On my server, volumes are limited (occasionally, nonexistent). Also, what’s there often doesn’t sell, and prices are pretty low (<10g for cards, <12g for cookies). No one barks MFCs on my server. At least I haven’t seen anyone do it since the first few months of Cata.

    Barking will probably be a requirement for any future sales - and there isn’t enough market incentive for anyone to do it now...

    MFCs had a good run. One thing is for sure: we’ll get to see what happens!

    1. 2 & 3 aren't a factor when you stockpile inks pre-expansion. :)


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