Monday, February 18, 2013

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 9 - Favorite Niche Market

This entry is part of a series of gold making posts answering the questions in the 20 Days of Gold Making Challenge started by Nev over at Auction House Addict.  If you also blog, then be sure to check out the gold blogging challenge for post topic ideas.

Day 9 - What Is Your Favorite Niche Market & Why?

Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery

I've always been a big fan of niche markets.  Niche markets are great markets because once you find a good niche, you may be the only seller in that market.  Some good examples of niche markets that I've held complete control over include:
  • Arcanite Bars - I was the only one selling these for 2-3 years before others caught on (after my post on them).
  • Rich Purple Silk Shirts - I was the only seller for at least 5 years on Horde side on my server.
  • Twink Gear - Back in Vanilla WoW, twink item flipping was a goldmine, because non-twink players didn't understand the true value of what they were selling for way too cheap.
My Favorite Niche? 
Mysterious Fortune Cards, Of Course!

Above and beyond all other niche markets, my favorite is definately the Mysterious Fortune Cards market.  Even now in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, the Mysterious Fortune Cards are still a great seller.  Why?  Gambling will never be obsolete! 

Creating the system for barking MFCs was a lot of fun and I caused quite a stir on my server, as well as many others, as buyers of my Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery system brought these great gold making cards to the forefront of the trade chat channel on many servers.  I knew the MFCs had great potential to bring in great profits, but the system of barking them for more sales was and still is an amazing strategy.  I still remember the night I made 35k in a few hours from just Mysterious Fortune Cards. 

To this day, I can plop on a new server and fire up my barking macros and watch the sales role in as I sell out on stock within minutes.  Just proof that other servers are still untapped from using my MFC Barking strategies to make gold.  It really was a lot of fun for me to start into barking with my tested and proven MFC macros and just watch the yellow "A buyer has been found for your auction of Mysterious Fortune Card" messages start to fill my screen.  Nothing beats immediate gratification of your work.

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  1. Out of curiosity, what is your barking macro?

    1. I use about 40 different ones, but here's a few samples:

      Try Some [Mysterious Fortune Card] In Game Gambling. More Fun Than A Sleepover At Neverland Ranch!

      [Mysterious Fortune Card]s Are More Fun Than Sex...............with BOTH HANDS!

      [Mysterious Fortune Card]{Step Right Up and Test Your Luck!} [Fortune Card]

      Are You Underage and Wish you could Gamble, but can't get into a Casino? Well now is your chance! Blizzard has created [Mysterious Fortune Card] for You!


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