Monday, March 19, 2012

2 New Features Added To WoW That Are Nice Additions

2 Nice New Features Added To WoW

There have been a couple of nice additions to the World of Warcraft UI that make our life a little easier.  I'm not sure how long these 2 changes have been live in WoW or what path they were added in, but I believe it has been within the last couple of patches.  I had just recently noticed both of these changes and I have been using them since I discovered the changes.  Maybe you are like me and missed the additions in the patch notes, so I present them to you today.

New Auction House UI Feature - Crafted Armor View
 Crafted Recipe Armor Viewing

Crafted recipe armor viewing is a nice addition to the auction house user interface in WoW.  What exactly do I mean by "crafted recipe armor viewing"?  Previously, when searching the rare Bind-on-Pick-up crafting recipes on the auction house, we were unable to see what the finished crafted product would look like.  You had to go to wowhead and search for the item and pray someone had submitted a screenshot of the crafted item.  Sometimes there was no screenshot to even refer to and if there was, it probably looks different on your character's race than it does on the example image. 

With the change to the standard auction house UI, that is now longer an issue.  You can Control-Left Click on any weapon or armor recipe listed in the auction house to see what the crafted item would look like on your character.  If you take a look at the image above, you will see what I mean.  The character image shows her naked with just the Boots of Utter Darkness equipped.  This is a nice addition that makes it much easier to determine what a crafted item looks like prior to buying the recipe, which is great for your own mogging needs (since many are BoP recipes) or for finding recipe based items to craft for Transmogrification.

New Search Backpack Feature In WoW
Backpack Search Feature

The second nice feature that has been added to the game is the backpack search function.  While it may not seem very useful it does come in handy once you know it is there!  At the top of your open main backpack screen you should see a search window.  You can enter in anything you want and the items that match your search will stay visible, while the non-matching items will be darkened out.  Check the image above.  You can see I did a search for "ranger" gear in my bags.  This made it super fast and easy to see that I only had the Chest and Legs on me.  While this isn't a huge change, it is very effective at cutting down your time when hunting for specific items within your bags.  This has been very helpful when building and sorting set pieces to sell for transmogrification buyers.

Anyone found any better uses for these two additions to WoW?

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  1. Good to see you found the bag search feature (I also forget which patch but knew about it when it came ---read the notes :) ). You may not have noticed but the search feature is for both bags and bank. So when you're wondering if some alt collected some Ancient Lichen and dropped it into the guild bank, you can search for it by opening the GB and typing it into the search box. The highlighted tabs will show you matches as to where that item is. Been a huge time saver for me.



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