Friday, December 31, 2010

Inscription Forged Documents

Forged Documents

The Inscription profession has an interesting craftable for Cataclysm scribes.  Forged Documents are crafted with 1 Resilient Parchament and 3 Blackfallow Inks.  The crafted item gives the Forged Documents Quest of the same name.  The quest is rather simple.  You create the forged documents then start the quest.  All you have to do is turn them into fasle documents and delivery them to one of multiple guards, trainers, or vendors in either Ogrimmar or Stormwind City.  Completing the quest awards you with a Bulging Sack of Coins.  The Forged Documents are bind on pickup so only a scribe can start and complete this quest.  The Forged Documents can only be crafted once per day.

Bulging Sack of Coins

Bulging Sack of Coins is a nice reward as it awards on average 20-25g.  At the current herb prices it isn't worth crafting for profit.  You would be much better off using those 3 Blackfallow Inks in the crafting and barking of Mysterious Fortune Cards as you can easily get 25g each for them. 

The Forged Documents are a good item to craft for 1 skill point per day, which may be a cheaper option than the other items in the same skill range.  They are crafted at Inscription skill level 500 and turn yellow at 510, then green at 522.  So you can't profit as a scribe with this recipe unless the herb prices drop significantly.  You can use this recipe to save you gold, if you are patient and not in a rush to max your skill.  If you like to increase your skill as efficiently as possible, then this is a nice recipe to continue to craft on a daily basis.


  1. I'm getting ripped off! D: I haven't got more than 18g per bag yet! :(

  2. The amount is completely random and goes as low as 16g from my experience. After the third day I stopped making them.

    If the farming bots come back and give me some nice, cheap herb prices, then I'll get back into them but otherwise it's a complete waste.


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