Monday, May 17, 2010

Easy Profits: Arcanite Bars

Arcane crystals have become dirt cheap after the crash of the thorium bandwagon. Coupled with low priced thorium ore/bars the Arcanite Bars are very profitable. I had been selling Arcanite Bars for 75g each for over a month before someone else caught on and has been posting at 15g per bar, and still turning a big profit. Transmute Spec Alchemy makes even more cash off this simple item. Lots of people are levelling new tradeskills is why they sell.


  1. Just checked my server, the arcanite bars are going for 5g each, but it's still profitable even there!

  2. Only worth 4 gold on my server. I just lost alot of gold. Oh well, Live and Learn.

  3. Hang onto them and check the going rate daily. 4g sounds like someone flooding excess stock.

    You can get 15g-25g each on a lot of servers.

    Remember to always check the prices of mats and sold goods before jumping into a market blindly.


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